Fastest FRONT RUNNING BOT / Crypto Trading Bot PancakeSwap – Easy tutorial WORKING ON REMIX FEB 2022


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PancakeSwap Front Running Sniper Bot – Easy Solidity Tutorial

In this video I am showing you how to deploy a simple front running bot in Solidity.

How the bot works:
It automatically locates any liquidity added to a BSC token, then the bot scans this token until someone wants to trade a larger amount of it. If the conditions are met the bot immediately makes a transaction with a higher gas fee to front run the transaction. Once the frontrunned person made their transaction, the bot triggers the sell function and it sells the token with the profit from the frontrunned person in the same block, then the profits are sent back to your Metamask wallet.

👉 Get MetaMask:

👉 Connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain:

👉 Access Remix:

👉 Paste SmartContract in Remix:

Alternative/backup site (in case ghostbin has server problems again):
👉 Paste SmartContract from here into Remix:

🔽Important notice🔽
1) Some of you have accidentally added the testnet and not the mainnet. The bot does not acts as it should on the testnet. Make sure you add Binance Smart Chain Mainnet to avoid problems.
2) Also, make sure to fund your created bot contract enough, so that it works for you.

Also I want to thank you for your great messages on Discord.
Feel free to keep writing me if you need any kind of help or ask in the comments section, I will answer and help you ASAP.
Discord: CryptoCarl#8541 (you need to send me a friend request first)

Also feel free to keep sending me screenshots of your bot profits. I would like to use the screenshots in one of the next videos.

I will soon reopen my Discord channel, stay tuned. On the Discord you can expect new learnings, trading signals and more profitable bots. In addition, we constantly exchange information about new hot projects.🔥


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