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    Fashion and department stores are strong in August, weddings drive formal wear

    Fashion sales were strongest in August, as pre-pandemic levels and department store spending also increased significantly last month. Berkeley card show.

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    At the same time, shoppers are returning to stores as non-food online sales fall 4.6% and online accounts for less than 39% of total sales, according to BRC / KPMG’s monthly retail report. The BRC also said total sales increased by 3%, driven by formal wear fashion sales, as weddings and returning to the office boosted the category.

    Returning to the Berkeley Card, consumer spending increased in most sectors compared to the same period in 2019 as British people began to enjoy their summer vacation and return to the office, saying it increased 15.4% year-on-year last month. ..

    The gradual return of workers to the UK office and parents preparing their children for a new school year also provided a welcome boost to retailers.

    Clothing increased for the fourth straight month, with shoppers using end-of-season sales to buy work clothes and uniforms, resulting in significant growth of 33.5% online and 12.8% overall.

    As office workers adapt to new work and lifestyle patterns, 27% expect to keep their work wardrobe up to date by allocating more budget to new clothes, shoes and accessories. I said that I am doing it.

    Department stores also recorded a 4.4% increase, the second month of growth since the start of the pandemic. This was when the first non-essential shop just reopened in May this year (+ 8.6%).

    Overall, non-essential items increased by 15.9%. This was the highest increase since before the first national blockade, above the July high of 10.4%. This is supported by social spending, as well as UK holiday purchases and new semester / new semester purchases. Office supplies.

    The report said consumer confidence also reached its highest level since February 2020, but said concerns about rising inflation have caused many British to adjust their behavior.

    Confidence in the UK economy has risen to its highest point (37%) since February 2020 (42%), and 78% of British are confident that they can live within their means each month. 71% feel optimistic about their household budget.

    However, this optimism can be undermined by concerns about rising prices, as 64% of consumers are concerned about higher prices for daily necessities. Of these, 42% have already changed their lifestyles.

    More than one-third (35%) say that rising inflation is more likely to pursue the value of a purchase, and 30% are concerned about the impact of inflation on the value of cash savings. Due to these fears, 37% of British people are currently making cuts to make sure they can afford to spend more for Christmas.

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    Fashion and department stores are strong in August, weddings drive formal wear

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