Farrah Abraham is Being Used and Exploited by MTV, Estranged Mom Alleges


Debra Danielson claims to have answers to the questions asked by teen mom fans around the world:

Why? !! ??

Why was Farrah Abraham asked to return four years after she left MTV in an adult video-themed scandal?

Why does she play a (combat) role in the next teen mom’s spin-off, featuring women in all versions of this controversial franchise?

Danielson says she knows why.

She may Not talking to her daughter In a few months, but Debra nevertheless talked to the Sun this week and tried to shed some light on this confounding situation.

“She was hired to bring the drama. Why does she want to get along with someone? MTV knows Fara has the following. Also knows she’s controversial. It’s selling because it’s there. ” Danielson insisted To this outlet.

Debra cited the decline in Teen Mom’s reputation as the basis for her child’s amazing return.

Herr Gram

As previously reported, Abraham is actually cast off spin-offs and includes the famous stars of Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant.

According to insiders, she appeared on the set a few weeks ago and was immediately influential.

“They wanted a big reaction,” a behind-the-scenes source told Ashley last month, adding that Machi Bookout and the company weren’t told that Fara would appear.

“They definitely got what they wanted: everything Basically it exploded as a set…Also. “

Farrah Abraham in glasses

Things didn’t just get ugly, Ashley added.

They became violent.

“Everyone was absolutely angry when they learned about Fara. The words were said,” the same source told the same celebrity gossip website.

“One of the Teen Mom OG girls actually turned some furniture upside down with anger.

“Another girl threw something [toward Farrah] And it happened to hit another cast member. It was a complete mess. “

Farrah Abraham speaks

As far as we know, Abraham was not injured in flaca.

I don’t even know exactly who was involved.

However, Fara’s mother claims that this was part of a meticulous plan by executives.

She also says that Abraham just took on the role of salary. This is not the most amazing aspect of this ridiculous story.

Farrah Abraham in Pigtail

“It’s Fara’s job.

“The Teen Mom OG era is over and MTV knows it, so I think we’re doing what we did at Jersey Shore: Family Vacation,” Debra concludes with The Sun.

I don’t know when this spin-off will air.

No one has commented on the alleged quarrel caused by Fara’s arrival.

Farrah Abraham screen capture

But if Debra Danielson thinks she’s breaking the main news, saying her daughter was just taken back to stir up the drama, well …

… only one response is appropriate.


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