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Farrah Abraham: Her Most Iconic, Cringe-Worthy Moments We Can Never Unsee

Here at THG, we’ve seen a lot of of cringe-worthy pics of Farrah Abraham over the years … and not just from Backdoor Teen Mom.

Seriously, this girl is one serious piece of work.

And we don’t just mean how she has work done on her frequently-changing appearance, although that is some work, to be sure.

In any case, we thought to ourselves, let’s make a special gallery, ’cause there is something about her that must be immortalized.

From car crashes on the highway, to an athlete’s leg breaking, to Farrah Abraham (in general), we can’t look away sometimes.

Even from things that make us squirm.

So experience the glory, meshed with uniquely OMG-style oddness, that is Farrah, summed up in moments we can never unsee.

We dare you to start scrolling. Go forth.

The Vag Costume

The Vag Costume

Farrah Abraham dresses up like a vagina. You cannot make this stuff up.

Let Us Mullet Over

Let Us Mullet OverPin

Farrah Abraham rocks the mullet like it’s her job. What a great look for her honestly.



Seriously. Yikes.

We’re Gonna Do …

We're Gonna Do ...Pin

Yeah. Farrah Abraham does not mince words. Never has.

That Bathrobe in Paris

That Bathrobe in ParisPin

This shot from 2019 shows Farrah in a bathrobe in Paris, basically with her chest spilling out for all the world to see. At face value, this photo could be pretty nice – if you were the woman’s husband, and it wasn’t broadcast onto the Internet, and her 10-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER WEREN’T THE ONE TAKING THE PIC. Seriously, this happened.

Hut … HUT!!!

Hut ... HUT!!!Pin

Farrah Abraham bends over and hikes a football in the best/worst photo of all time.

Getting Freaky on Snap

Getting Freaky on SnapPin

Farrah Abraham shows a lot of skin on Snapchat. Actually, she shows a lot of skin everywhere.

That Froco Mascot

That Froco MascotPin

This one’s a little different: Farrah’s mascot for her one-time frozen yogurt empire Froco. Hilarious that this was a thing.

Farrah For ‘Merica

Farrah For 'MericaPin

It’s not that this is a bad picture of our girl, but when she’s threatening to run for office (as she did in May 2021), well, it’s terrifying in the abstract.

Holy Crap, Why Do We Need to See This

Holy Crap, Why Do We Need to See ThisPin

These are the moments that make their way online when you’re Farrah Abraham.

Golden Ticket Show in Progress

Golden Ticket Show in ProgressPin

Remember when Farrah did a live sex show online? We do too, unfortunately. Who even knew Cam girls were still a thing in the late 2010s, let alone that Farrah would become one of them.

In Case You Thought We Were Making That Up

In Case You Thought We Were Making That UpPin

Nope, it was a thing. We saw it. And are scarred for life.



This one is pretty harmless, but still a little cringe-worthy. There’s a goat sniffing her crotch here for some reason.

Nun of That

Nun of ThatPin

Sister Farrah Abraham in a nun costume. That is all.

Cannes Farrah Festival

Cannes Farrah FestivalPin

Farrah Abraham was in Cannes for some reason in 2018. She may not have won any awards, but she gave the film festival goers quite a show, as you can see here.



Good luck getting this image of Farrah in drag out of your head.

Friggen Face Injection

Friggen Face InjectionPin

Farrah Abraham gets an injection into her face. Sadly, she did not receive any additional brainpower via this procedure.

This is the Place For …

This is the Place For ...Pin

There really are no words for what’s going on in this photo. Beyond the words uttered by Farrah herself that is.

From Another Planet

From Another PlanetPin

Farrah’s trip to the great white north in the winter of 2020-21 gave us images such as this which we will struggle to get out of our brains.



This is meant to be sexy, we’re guessing. But it’s mostly just terrifying.

Lip Service

Lip ServicePin

Farrah was the victim of a bad lip implant. She shared pics as a warning to fans.

Filler Up

Filler UpPin

Farrah Abraham was the victim of some seriously botched lip implants. The former Teen Mom star shared photos of the procedure gone awry online.

Flub in the Tub

Flub in the TubPin

Farrah’s trying real hard to look sexy in this shot from Singapore in early 2019. Somehow it doesn’t quite work. Also, who took this pic? Sophia again?

Getting Off

Getting OffPin

Or is off her rocker. We’re not really sure what the heck is going on here.



Farrah Abraham twerking like it’s her job. Which it basically is, at least part of the time. We mean naked, on top of James Deen, and getting paid for it.

Her Oh-Face

Her Oh-Face Pin

Farrah Abraham in a frame from her sex tape. And oh what a hot frame this was.

Her UH-Oh Face

Her UH-Oh FacePin

Farrah wore something called a facelift mask and posted a photo on Twitter. The girl will do anything for a buck.

Screen Shot Horror

Screen Shot HorrorPin

Farrah Abraham in a lovely screen shot. And by lovely we mean absolutely terrifying.



Very familiar. She doesn’t cry pretty either.

Ugly Cry Montage

Ugly Cry MontagePin

It’s a semi-regular thing.

Here’s Her Pushing Soph’s Head Into Her BF’s Lap

Here's Her Pushing Soph's Head Into Her BF's LapPin

How can we forget that time on an epic episode of Teen Mom: OG, when Farrah Abraham literally forced her daughter to bond with her new boyfriend Simon Saran … by pushing her head onto his lap. The producer driving and trying to act like this isn’t super awkward is the best.

Blow Up Doll Style

Blow Up Doll StylePin

Okay, that’s probably the real Farrah Abraham and not a blow up doll … but she sure looks like one, and we wouldn’t put it past her to have one made as a gift for then-boyfriend Simon Saran (pictured).

More Lip Service

More Lip ServicePin

Farrah Abraham’s lips are off the proverbial chain in this photo. What did she have done with them? Does that Blow Pop stand a chance?!



Don’t really know what she was going for here but we’re sufficiently weirded out.

Straight Up Raunch on Reality TV

Straight Up Raunch on Reality TVPin

Even though there’s nothing naked or technically lewd about this Farrah Abraham photo, all you think about his straight raunchiness when you see her sometimes.

Appearance, Sexuality, Ability

Appearance, Sexuality, AbilityPin

Appearance, Sexuality, Ability … Farrah Abraham has got it all ladies and germs.

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