Farrah Abraham Flaunts Wads of Cash: I am a Wealthy, Rich Bish!


Farrah Abraham never ceases to be himself.

For many, it is good for them to live the real truth. Not so much for Fara.

In her jarring return Teen Mom, She has a message to her dislikes and the universe itself.

Fara, who shows off her cash, wants everyone to know that she is a “rich bitch.”

There is an Instagram account in this world titled Prop Movie Money.

That’s why Farrah Abraham will appear in a new video posted Wednesday.

30 years old Mega crown You can see the lyrics awkwardly spoken and blinking on the camera.

Farrah Abraham shows off huge lips

In the video, Fara uses an array of seemingly mismatched items.

One is a cross necklace, the other is a tiara, and the other is a visor shield mask.

Fara, on the other hand, uses more prominently what looks like a bag of money and a wad of various dollar bills.

Farrah Abraham is back

During the video, Fara closed her mouth awkwardly and uttered the lyrics. “I’m rich, I’m that bitch.”

Fara’s eyes seemed to disappear virtually many times.

Features of her face including her Notorious lips, Was blown off disproportionately.

Farrah Abraham in Pigtail

As for the video caption, it says “Wealth is the heart.”

Fara himself commented below the post.

She simply wrote “Mullah”.


What’s happening here?

As you can imagine, Prop Movie Money is a brand that offers counterfeit money for use on TV.

They have their material, Ozark, the boys, more.

Farrah Abraham speaks

Perhaps this was a cross-promotion, or Fara was hired simply to draw attention to the brand.

When she does quirky things, those who already hate her (that is, those who are familiar with her) have to be careful.

Hey, it worked for us!

Farrah Abraham in Winter Wonderland, Alaska

So the idea was that the company would pay Fara a little real money and spread their name to a few more people.

For example, many of us are not always wondering where the “cash” used in the bank robbery scene comes from.

It’s fake money, but it needs to look real enough for the camera (which, of course, doesn’t violate the law).

Farrah Abraham in glasses

Of course, Fara always pays attention to what she does, but it’s not always positive.

“She’s scared,” wrote one commentator.

Has an exception All promotions are good promotions That said, Fara is sometimes one of them.

Farrah Abraham replies

It’s not just that Fara is easy to vomit undisturbed rants.

It’s not just her terrible rambling story about the governor, but also how she was called for racism.

Fara is just … not the best representative to show off money, whether fake or not.

Herr Gram

Fara is known for his failed business ventures.

She was also sued a few years ago for not paying a large amount of rent.

I think rent is usually too high, but Fara can make mysterious decisions with the money she has.

Farrah Abraham in graduation gown

To be honest, I understand money-this is the woman who had a child when she was still a child.

In addition to that, her childhood trauma and obviously what Certain types of cognitive impairment Fara doesn’t admit and she’s not ready to succeed.

In fact, the way she succeeded in monetizing her infamy is truly impressive.

Farrah Abraham with huge lips

But Fara is not a good person after all.

She can make headlines, but she has a hard time making friends and real fans.

Taking advantage of her infamous megalomania may be a solid marketing strategy, but it can always backfire on your brand.

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