Fantom is back above $2.75; will previous highs be next to fall


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Fantom was strongly bullish on the hourly chart as it rose above the key level at $2.75 and flipped the area from supply to demand. The $3.15 zone marked a local top and Fantom bulls had their eyes set on $3.15 and $3.44 as possible take-profit target levels.

A pullback for Bitcoin could see FTM drop. But, as long as Bitcoin can stay above $42.5k, Fantom appeared poised to perform well in the coming days.

FTM- 1 hour chart

PP 1 FTM price 1

Source: FTM/USDT on TradingView

Two sets of Fibonacci levels were plotted. One was based on FTM’s move from $1.3 to $2.44 (white) and this move’s 61.8% extension level marked a local top for FTM. The other was based on the retracement from $3.15 to $2.1 (yellow). The $2.75 area had confluence from both sets of Fib levels and also represented an area of liquidity.

Recently, FTM climbed past this area, found some resistance at $2.92, and formed a higher low. This was a strong bullish development on the hourly chart.

The $2.92-$3 area has seen the supply step in for FTM, and the price could spend a few more hours beneath this area before sellers are exhausted. If that scenario unfolds, FTM would likely climb past $3, retest the level as support, and surge to $3.15. Above $3.15, the $3.44 level represented a 27.2% extension level and a take-profit level.

Not only is $3.44 the 27.2% extension, but it is also a level the price wicked to twice in late October. Thereby, meaning sellers are likely to do the same once again if FTM climbs that high.


PP 1 FTM indicators 1

Source: FTM/USDT on TradingView

The OBV climbed over the past couple of days as FTM found strong demand in the $2.2 area. This demand could propel FTM higher, now that it is trading above the key level at $2.75.

The Supertrend indicator continued to show a “buy” signal while the Stochastic RSI formed a bullish crossover in the oversold territory. On lower timeframes, this combination generally means strong short-term bullish strength.


The indicators showed that further upside is likely for FTM, while the price charts marked the $3, $3.15, and $3.44-levels as places where the price could face some resistance on the way up. As for support, the $2.75 area, if revisited, would likely give a good risk-to-reward area to buy Fantom at.



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