Family finally receives answers in decades-old cold case – Aurora, Colorado


Aurora, Colorado 2022-01-22 00:29:43 –

Denver-It’s a murder that I hardly remember, but one of Colorado’s families could never forget. Forty-one years after the woman was killed, her family says they finally found the closure.

“I cried when I knew yesterday,” said George Journey. “I cried to myself for three hours. They finally knew who did this.”

Journey’s sister, Antoinette Parks, was found dead on January 24, 1981. Investigators told the journey that she had been stabbed 23 times.

Courtesy: George Journey

Antoinette Park painted just before her death.

“My brother and stepfather went to identify her body. I think I couldn’t go because it was so terrible that I had to close her casket at the funeral.” Journey said.

The park was only 17 years old at the time and was 6-7 months pregnant.

Journey says his sister loved the children and attended Aurora’s Gateway High School. Antoinette was scheduled to graduate from school after giving birth.

“She was loved by many, but it’s still going on … it hurt us all,” he said.

1981 Funeral Pamphlet at Antoinette Park

Courtesy: George Journey

1981 Funeral Pamphlet at Antoinette Park

Over the past few decades, Journey says he and his other brothers have suffered the great sadness of not knowing who did the evil.

“”[Stabbed] Just thrown into the field 23 times, it was thrown onto the road like garbage, “Journey said.

But this week, Journey says he received a call from the Denver police detective Cold Case, informing him that the investigation had resolved the cold case decades ago.

“When I knew yesterday, I cried, I spent three hours crying to myself … I knew they finally found someone who did this.” He said. “Why my sister? Why she? I can’t explain it. Only God knows why he did this.”

Journey says he is deeply grateful for the research work that led to this. Sadly, the details were too late for the other three sisters who died in recent years.

“Knowing that they would have heard this before all passed would bring joy to my heart,” he said in tears.

Journey says his next step is to find money to fly his only surviving brother from Arkansas. Then they can talk to the detective together.

“He needs to be with me because we are strong together,” he said. “We finally found a closure for you … Antoinette.”

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Family finally receives answers in decades-old cold case Source link Family finally receives answers in decades-old cold case

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