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    Fairphone hits software support longevity akin to Apple’s iPhone – TechCrunch

    FairphoneA Dutch social enterprise dedicated to making household appliances (more) sustainable and ethical, including supporting repairability so that users can keep their hardware longer. Android 10 For 6 years old Fairphone 2..

    Fairphone said today that owners of modular handsets first released in 2015 running Android 5 should expect to be able to upgrade to Android 10 (release date: 2019) in early 2022. Announced a beta rollout of upgrades.

    Fairphone stopped production of Fairphone 2 in 2018 (but does not support it). Fairphone 3 (2019); NS Fairphone 3+ (2020. Also available as a modular upgrade to 3.). And early this fall, Fairphone 4, The first 5G handset — will be supported until at least 2025.

    Given the imminent update of Fairphone 2 to Android 10 next year (meaning support for a total of 7 years), 2025 is a conservative estimate of how long Fairphone 4 owners are expected to receive software support. Looks like.

    Fairphone says it has worked with a community of users for the Android 10 upgrade project and with software developers in India. Bharath Ravi Prakash, It says it worked as a volunteer open source developer — and by doing so it was able to streamline the process and reduce the time required to perform the upgrade.

    So the previous Fairphone 2 OS update (to Android 9) took 18 months, but this time the process has been reduced to 10 months.

    Meanwhile, Google has released Android 11 (2020) And Android 12 (last month) — To see how far the Fairphone 2 upgrade is behind the latest OS release.

    “The company learned a lot from the Android 9 upgrade, which is still complicated, but Android 10 was more predictable than Android 9,” Fairphone said in a press release, followed by Agnes Crepet, head of software life and IT. It states as follows. A unique approach to software has allowed users to hold their devices for as long as possible. We are pleased to offer yet another software upgrade to the Fairphone 2 community. We’ve achieved our goal of providing support for at least five years since the launch of our mobile phone, and with the Android 10 upgrade, we’re going beyond that to seven. Many years of support. We are constantly raising the bar for ourselves and the industry, demonstrating that software can do things in a more sustainable way. “

    With 7 years of support, Fairphone will be in support for Apple iPhone software. But of course, the average Android-based handset can be expected to be a year with much less love for software. Usually, Android smartphones have only about 3 years of support. So that’s a big achievement.

    And while Fairphone may just be catching up with Apple in terms of software life, it’s already years ahead of Cupertino in another way. Modular construction for repairability hardware sustainability and direct consumer spare parts.

    Early this month Apple has announced that it will launch a “self-service repair” program next year. It ships spare parts and repair tools to iPhone and Mac users so they can perform basic repairs at home.

    Sealed, ridiculously thin, often literally A glued shut box, but it’s a small step towards more sustainability. And what Fairphone has pioneered for a long time.

    Fairphone hits software support longevity akin to Apple’s iPhone – TechCrunch Source link Fairphone hits software support longevity akin to Apple’s iPhone – TechCrunch

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