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    Facts about her famous mom and dad – Hollywood Life

    Margaret Qualley has made a wave as an actress to be counted, and she can only be learned from the best. Learn more about her famous actress mother and model father.

    Margaret Qualley Raised in the limelight under the mother of her famous actress, Andie MacDowell, 63, but 27 years old made her name in recent years with her own rights.The model and actress started with her minor role Gia Coppola-directed by Palo alto And continued to star as a teen with HBO problems leftovers..Margaret has been busy since then and has appeared in movies Nice Guys!, death noteAnd perhaps the most notable is Quentin Tarantino‘NS Once Upon A Time In Hollywood..

    Margaret definitely learned acting ropes from her longtime actress mother Andy, but she may also have picked up some tips from her dad who became a contractor from her ex-model, Paul Quarry.. Read more about her loving parents below!

    Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley at the event. (Dave Lewis / Shutterstock)

    Margaret’s mother Andie MacDowell

    Margaret Qualley & Andie MacDowell
    Margaret Qualley and Andie MacDowell will be joining the red carpet event together. (Sebastien Nogier / EPA / Shutterstock)

    Andie MacDowell is Margaret’s mother and she is a famous actress and model. She was born on April 21, 1958 in Gaffney, South Carolina as Rosalie Anderson McDowell, and signed a modeling contract with Elite Model Management in 1978.Andy made her first start in show business in the 1984s Grace Talk: Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Monkey Before getting critic praise for her role in Steven Soderbergh‘NS Sex, lies, and videotapes (1989).Since then, she has appeared in hit movies such as, and has a long and successful career. Marmot day, 4 weddings and funerals, Multiplicity, more.

    Andy and Margaret finally teamed up as a mother-daughter acting duo Netflix Limited Series Maid, Premiered on October 1, 2021. The series will star Margaret as Alexandra “Alex” Russell. Alexandra “Alex” Russell works as a maid, leaving an abusive boyfriend with his young daughter Madeleine. Andy plays Margaret’s mother, Paula, in the series.

    Margaret’s father Paul Quarry

    Paul Quarry began his show business career at an early age, experimenting with modeling and appearing in several advertisements and runways. He and Andy first met while posing for a gap ad and finally tied a knot in 1986. The pair had three children. JustinBorn in 1986, Rainy, Born in 1990, and, of course, Margaret, born in 1994. Paul eventually stopped modeling to pursue his job as a contractor and has since owned a ranch in Montana.

    Speaking of the role she got caught in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Margaret reveals to W magazine In 2020, an audition involving her dad said, “A strange thing happened.” She was turned down just for another part before she landed the role of Pussycat for Flick, and her father Paul suggested she come to see him. “He said I should book a plane ticket, and then I’ll get a Quentin Tarantino movie,” she recalled. “He was saying that with the logic that if I made a plan, that life would get in the way and I would work, do you know? He said I was auditioned I didn’t know there really was a new Quentin Tarantino movie. “

    The actress continued. “I booked a ticket and went to see my dad. On the third day, I got a call that I had to go home and read Brad Pitt and chemistry. That’s my dad. It was crazy to call it, and now he feels he has magical powers, just connecting all the directors he wants to work with, “Dad, say this Can you please? “

    Facts about her famous mom and dad – Hollywood Life

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