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    Facebook whistleblowers accuse the company of being continuously misleading about safety | Facebook

    NS Facebook whistleblowerFrancis Hogen, who testifies at the U.S. Parliament on Tuesday, accuses social media companies of being continuously misleading investors and politicians about their approach to security, and has filed at least eight complaints with U.S. financial watchdogs. I filed a complaint.

    A complaint published online by a news program hours before Hogen testifies to the U.S. Senator at 10 am EST (3 pm EST), 60 minutes late on Monday, was tens of thousands copied by Hogen just before. Based on internal documents of She quit Facebook May.

    Complaints and testimony from Hogen, Those who advanced on Sunday as the source of a series of terrible revelations in The Wall Street Journal, Is done in the background Operational disruption For Facebook, platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp went offline on Monday for nearly six hours around the world.

    The first whistleblower complaint filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission was January 6 Riot in WashingtonA crowd of protesters raided the Capitol, claiming that Facebook had deliberately chosen to allow political misinformation, and conversely disputed CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s remarks.

    “Our anonymous client discloses the original evidence that: Facebook … We have violated US securities law by making material misstatements and omissions in statements to investors and future investors, both past and ongoing, “said the opening statement. Online statements and media stories. “

    A complaint against Facebook that reflects a series of reports from The Wall Street Journal in recent weeks also covers:

    • The company’s approach to hate speech.

    • An approach to teenage mental health.

    • Trafficking monitoring.

    • How the company’s algorithms facilitated hate speech.

    • Preferential treatment for VIP users.

    • Promotion of racial violence.

    • Did not inform investors about the shrinking user base in certain demographics.

    The first complaint about January 6 disputed Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress in March, stating: Violent mission. “

    The complaint countered this, with the company’s own records “intentionally choosing to allow political misinformation and violent content / groups, related to the 2020 US elections and the January 6 riots. It shows that it did not adopt or continue to take steps to combat these issues, including, “to promote violence and growth on that platform. “

    According to Facebook’s internal document quoted in the complaint, the company admits: [speech] And about 0.6% of V & V [violent and inciting content] On Facebook. “

    Trafficking complaints claim that Facebook and its photo-sharing app Instagram were aware in 2019 that the platform was being used to “promote trafficking and domestic slavery.” Complaints about malicious language cite another internal document stating that “we will only take action against about 2% of malicious language on the platform.” NS Teen health Complaints focus on the most harmful claims from the WSJ series: it Instagram knew This app caused anxiety in the body image of a teenage girl.

    Complaints about Facebook’s approach to algorithms claim that tweaking the app’s news feed product (an important part of the user’s interaction with the app) led to prioritization of split content, but regarding racial violence. The complaint includes an excerpt from an internal investigation, claiming that “in the Afghan market, hate speech activity is anxiously low.”

    Facebook A series of statements Disregarding Haugen’s document leak, he states: According to an Instagram survey, many teens find the app useful. He made a large investment in security at the expense of revenue. In the decades before Facebook came out, there was a lot of polarization in the United States. The company “prioritized fighting false information and providing reliable information.”

    In response to accusations that Facebook misunderstood the general public and regulators, the company said:

    Facebook whistleblowers accuse the company of being continuously misleading about safety | Facebook

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