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    Facebook whistleblower testimony should encourage new surveillance – Schiff | Facebook

    This week’s parliamentary testimony by whistleblower Frances Haugen is: Facebook Influential California Democrat Adam Schiff told The Guardian in an interview published Sunday.

    “I think we need regulations to protect people’s personal data.” Chair Of the House Intelligence Committee

    “If these companies don’t moderate their content and continue to amplify their anger and hatred, I think they need to narrow the range of safe ports they enjoy. To better understand the data. , I think we need to insist on the vehicle for greater transparency. “

    Hogen, 37, Was the source For Facebook and Instagram, a recent Wall Street Journal reporting false information disseminated by Facebook-owned photo-sharing platforms. She left Facebook in May of this year, but her revelation has made the tech giant face the most difficult question ever since. Cambridge Analytica User privacy scandal.

    Hogen at the Senate hearing on Tuesday share According to Facebook’s internal report, social media giants “prioritize astronomical interests over people,” harming children through sharing inaccurate and disruptive content, and destabilizing democracy. Insisted.

    Haugen likened Instagram to cigarettes and told the senator:

    Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Democrat, Said Haugen’s testimony could represent a “big cigarette” moment for social media companies. testimony In Congress, their product was harmless from executives who the company knew it was harmful.

    Facebook founder and director Mark Zuckerberg Resisted A proposal to overhaul the US Internet regulatory framework, which is widely considered to be terribly outdated.

    In response to Hogen’s testimony, he said that “the idea of ​​prioritizing profit over security and happiness” is “not true.”

    “The argument of deliberately pushing content that offends people is very illogical,” he says. Said.. “We make money from ads and advertisers consistently say they don’t want to run ads next to harmful or angry content.”

    Schiff was talking to mark the publication of Popular New arrival biography, Midnight, Washington: The way democracy was almost lost and still possible.

    The Democratic Party played an important role in the Russian investigation and the first impeachment of Donald Trump. He is currently on a special committee investigating a fatal attack on the US Capitol on January 6. Trump supporters are trying to overturn his election defeat.

    In his book, Schiff told representatives of Facebook and two other tech giants, Twitter and YouTube, that their algorithm “had the effect of vulcanizing the masses and deepening the division of our society. I’m writing about asking if.

    Facebook’s legal counsel at the 2017 hearing said: “The data on this is actually quite mixed.”

    “It didn’t look too complicated to me,” says Schiff.

    Asked if he thought he was Hogen testimony Schiff told The Guardian that Congress would put enough pressure on it to pass new legislation regulating social media companies.

    But as an experienced member of the severely divided and legally scleral parliament, he also warned against excessive optimism among reform advocates.

    “If you oppose Congress, you have a 90% chance of winning,” Schiff said.

    Facebook whistleblower testimony should encourage new surveillance – Schiff | Facebook

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