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Whistleblower Frances Haugen urges British legislators to pass legislation to curb social media platforms, and Facebook struggles to curb false alarms and hate speech in many languages ​​and dialects, including British English. He said he was doing it.

Haugen’s comment to the British Parliamentary Commission on Monday renews the UK’s current review of legislation to curb harmful online content, leading to the greatest potential expansion of global technology regulation. Empowering. Former Facebook employee Presented her conclusions from a series of internal Facebook documents —First disclosed in The Wall Street Journal— She says social media companies are struggling to balance user safety with motivation for their interests.

“Until we bring in counterweights, things will run for the benefit of shareholders, not the public interest,” she said.

A British legislator sought her proposal for a pending bill on online security. This creates new obligations for social media companies and search engines to assess and mitigate the spread of harmful content. 10% of the world’s annual revenue.

Hogen said government regulators should have more authority to oversee Facebook and other large social media platforms. She also said that social media giants need to disclose false information, hate speech, underage users, and other steps they take to curb problems so that independent observers can identify blind spots. Said.

“Facebook needs to publish what it does to detect a 13-year-old kid on the platform, because it guarantees that what they do today isn’t enough,” she said. rice field.

One of the big problems, according to Haugen, is that Facebook’s automated system for detecting false information and hate speech is over-optimized for American English. “British English is quite different from US English,” she said, she wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook’s security system wasn’t very effective in the UK.

She said regulators need to have the ability to access and demand Facebook’s internal mechanics. to you. “

A Facebook spokesman said the company always has a commercial incentive to remove harmful content and has invested heavily in doing so. Facebook supports regulation in the social media industry and is pleased that UK law is moving forward, he added.

Congressmen liken Facebook and Instagram tactics to tobacco industry tactics. Joanna Stern of the WSJ will review both hearings to find out what tobacco regulation can tell us about what’s coming to Big Tech.Photo Illustration: Adele Morgan / Wall Street Journal

The documents Hogen collected were explained in a series of journal articles last month, and although the company knows how its systems can do harm, it often publicly addresses those issues. A document that shows what Facebook knows Its ranking algorithm promotes discord; that Drug cartels and traffickers use the service openly; that Anti-vaccine activists flocked to the serviceAnd that Instagram May adversely affect the mental health of teenage girls, Among other topics.

Facebook replied that the article took the study out of context. The journal states that it supports the report.

Journal articles and Mr. Hogen’s Subsequent testimony before parliament It has created new political momentum in the United States to regulate major tech companies. The disclosure also updates decades-old legislation that has boosted the existing impetus for the UK and the European Union, curtailed the power of large high-tech companies and largely protected social media companies from liability for user activity. I passed the law to try.

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In early November, Mr. Hogen will testify to the European Parliament. Currently discussing two billsOne focuses on anti-competitive behavior and the other focuses on ensuring that businesses take greater responsibility for the content they distribute and amplify.

In the UK, politicians say Facebook documents have boosted regulatory demands and increased greater openness to sharing information and practices.

“When a company like Facebook trades off user safety and user involvement,” said Damian Collins, chairman of a committee that oversees the review of the UK’s online safety bill, before the hearing. We need to be more transparent about the decisions we make. ” “Frances Haugen’s evidence has so far strengthened the claims of independent regulators with the authority to audit and inspect large tech companies.”

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Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen demands new technology in Europe

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