Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp users targeted in phishing scheme


Facebook (now Meta) has filed a proceeding to crack down on a website that disguised its platform’s login page.

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Meta, formerly FacebookSaid it was monday Sue people behind phishing scams To steal usernames and passwords from the platform.

A lawsuit filed in a federal court in Northern California states that since 2019, more than 39,000 websites have been created that impersonate Facebook’s login page. Instagram, With messenger WhatsApp.. Meta doesn’t know who is behind the attack, but says it’s part of an effort to trick users into entering their username and password.

The move emphasizes that the world’s largest social networks are trying to fight phishing. Phishing is the act of an attacker creating a fake website or email to trick people into providing personal information.

“Reports of phishing attacks are increasing across the industry, and we are taking this step to identify the people behind the attacks and prevent their harmful conduct,” Meta’s platform and litigation. The director in charge, Jessica Romero, said. Blog post..

In July, the Anti-Phishing Working Group said: 260,642 recorded phishing attacks, The highest monthly total in the group’s report history. According to the group’s report, phishing attacks have doubled since 2020.

The unnamed defendant used the services of San Diego-based high-tech company Ngrok to hide his identity and relay Internet traffic to phishing websites in a way that obfuscates where the website is hosted. I did, “said the proceedings on page 21. The proceedings looked similar to Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp login pages, but included screenshots of the login page using Ngrok URL. Some of the fake websites were in English and Italian.

Alan Shreve, founder and CEO of Ngrok, said the company is working with Meta and other companies to “detect, limit and eliminate the effects of malicious attackers across each system.”

“The core of Ngrok is to allow millions of developers to easily and securely connect to the Internet. Unfortunately, malicious attackers can use this feature to spam, spoof, and spoof. We launched a phishing attack and detected and stopped it using a multi-faceted approach that combined automatic. Detection of suspicious activity, human moderation, external reporting. “

Meta alleges in a lawsuit that the defendant violated the Social Network Terms of Service, California’s Anti-Phishing Act, and federal law prohibiting trademark infringement. The proceedings did not reveal the number of people who were deceived and given personal information.

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