Thursday, October 21, 2021

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    Facebook hid research to circumvent regulations, whistleblowers tell Congress

    Facebook is hiding important information about how Facebook works from the general public and governments around the world to avoid being more regulated, whistleblowers said in Congress on Tuesday. Tell to.

    Former Facebook employee Francis Haugen has conducted a unique study of how their products affect vulnerable users and society, according to a statement released prior to a hearing at the Senate Trade Commission. Blame the company for concealing.

    Hogen, worked As a product manager in Facebook’s Citizenship Department, he left the company earlier this year in a series of articles about the company that caused the new public relations crisis that came as regulators and legislators considered how to curb it. And the source of the interview. Social media giants and their popular apps.

    Haugen has also filed eight complaints with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, accusing Facebook of hiding the long-standing decline in young US users.

    In her statement to the Senate Trade Commission, Hogen said: The company deliberately hides important information from the general public, the US government, and governments around the world. “

    She adds: “The document I submitted to Congress reminds us that Facebook has repeatedly misunderstood the public about Facebook’s clarification of child safety, the effectiveness of artificial intelligence systems, and its role in spreading disruptive and extreme messages. I’m proving. “

    Hogen urged lawmakers to more tightly regulate social media groups, likened to tobacco companies, opioid makers, and car makers who hid the dangers of smoking before seatbelts were mandated, according to prepared statements. increase.

    “The government took action when it realized that the tobacco company was hiding the harm it caused,” she said in a statement released before the hearing.

    Social networks also suffered Serious stop On Monday, all platforms, including WhatsApp and Instagram, will be offline for several hours.

    The latest allegations that Facebook “misrepresented” its “reach and frequency” indicators form one of eight complaints that Haugen filed with the SEC. Report by CBS News..

    Facebook’s reach complaints, especially in “High Value Population Statistics” for teens in the United States, “Facebook is about investors and advertisers, such as the amount of content created on the platform and the growth of individual users. I misrepresented the core indicators to. ”

    “Facebook has made massive overcharges to advertisers by delivering so many ads to their users that they don’t want to pay,” the complaint said.

    The decline in Facebook’s young users continued even during the coronavirus pandemic, where overall social media use surged. Haugen points out internal predictions that lower engagement from teens in the U.S. could reduce the number of daily U.S. users by as much as 45% between 2021 and 2023. bottom.

    Hogen’s lawyer cites internal documents dating back several years to support whistleblowers’ “serious misrepresentations and omissions” allegations against investors, including through SEC filing and testimony to the U.S. Congress. ..

    Facebook is already fighting Class action proceedings California claims that advertisers’ “potential reach” quotes include duplicate fake accounts. It was previously claimed that potential reach estimates are “planning tools” and do not form the basis of advertiser billing.

    The company did not immediately respond to whistleblowers’ requests for comment on SEC complaints. Facebook describes Haugen’s set of claims as “misleading.”

    “Protecting our community is more important than maximizing our interests,” Facebook’s director of policy communications, Lena Pietch, said in a statement on Sunday. 60 minutes broadcast.

    The SEC did not comment on the complaint.

    Facebook hid research to circumvent regulations, whistleblowers tell Congress

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