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    Facebook documentation shows how toxic Instagram is to teens: WSJ

    Facebook According to, Instagram apps have repeatedly been found to be harmful to many teenagers. The Wall Street Journal Report published on Tuesday..

    The Journal quoted a Facebook survey over the last three years that looked at how Instagram affected the young user base and how teenage girls were most significantly affected. Of the teens who reported suicidal ideation, 13% of UK users and 6% of US users tracked the issue on Instagram, according to one of Facebook’s internal presentations.

    “32% of teenage girls said Instagram felt sick when they felt sick,” the researchers wrote. Facebook also reportedly found that 14% of boys in the United States said Instagram was sick about themselves.

    According to the journal, Facebook has concluded that the majority of teens haven’t been adversely affected by Instagram, but the features that social media companies have identified as the most harmful are part of their key composition.

    According to the report, researchers warned that Instagram’s Explore page, which provides users with carefully selected posts from a wide range of accounts, could push users into potentially harmful content. The app also has a culture of posting only the best photos and moments, making it an addictive product.

    According to the journal, “Instagram aspects are exacerbating each other and creating a perfect storm,” the study said.

    According to the Journal, executives reviewed the survey and cited it in a presentation to CEO Mark Zuckerberg last year. Still, Facebook is reportedly struggling to manage the issue, leaving the app addicted. Facebook has also created an Instagram version for children under the age of 13.

    Young users are the key to Instagram’s success. According to materials viewed by the Journal, over 40% of Instagram users are under the age of 22.

    In a blog postIn response to the report, Instagram’s head of public policy, Karina Newton, said she was researching ways to alienate users to certain types of posts on Instagram.

    “We are looking for ways to encourage people to look at different topics when they see this type of content repeatedly,” says Newton. “We are cautious that these nudges will help direct people to inspiring and uplifting content and will significantly change part of Instagram’s culture that focuses on what people look like. I’m optimistic. “

    The journal report exacerbated the concern of at least one lawmaker about Facebook investigating the children’s version of Instagram. Democrat Lori Trahan has made social media-related child mental health concerns a top priority and has previously accused Facebook of considering such products.

    Following a journal report, Trahan called on Facebook to “immediately abandon Instagram plans for children” and instead focus on protecting existing young users.

    “According to Facebook’s internal documents, Instagram’s failure to protect children, especially young girls, has been completely ignored and has been going on for years,” Trahan said in a statement. ..

    “Facebook doesn’t have the business to develop additional social media platforms explicitly designed for kids when they can’t trust their current home to be tidy.”

    Cathy McMorris Rogers, a top Republican member of the House Energy and Commerce Commission, also bases her child’s mental health online on her platform. In a statement on Tuesday, she said Facebook “refused to comply” with a request from a Republican committee. march Ask for an in-house investigation into the impact of the product on your child’s mental health.

    Facebook personnel did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the allegations.

    “This also wonders what else they are hiding,” said McMorris Rogers. “We continue to demand transparency from Facebook and other big tech companies, especially because their products are related to the harm they do to children.”

    Republicans circulated Discussion draft Bills, including those that require platforms like Facebook to submit regular reports to the Federal Trade Commission on their company’s impact on children’s mental health.

    “We know Instagram is toxic to teens, but they don’t care. They’re too busy keeping out conservatives and curbing freedom of speech,” said Republican Senator Josh Hawley. Said on Twitter.

    Democratic Senator Ed Markey called the report’s findings “horrifying” in a tweet and “requested Mark Zuckerberg for an answer.”

    Read the full report of The Wall Street Journal.

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    Facebook documentation shows how toxic Instagram is to teens: WSJ

    Source link Facebook documentation shows how toxic Instagram is to teens: WSJ

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