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    Facebook and Twitter subpoenaed by January 6 riot panel

    Parliamentary Commission investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol issued subpoenas to parent Meta on Alphabet, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook, requesting records related to the 2020 U.S. presidential election. ..

    The subpoena, released Thursday, shows that the work of the Democratic Party and Count-led January 6 committee has escalated significantly. Only 2 Republicans In that rank.

    The panel has sought testimony from dozens of Trump administrations in recent months. Officials and allies Five people were killed after suspending Joe Biden’s election certification in the pursuit of information related to the siege of the Capitol by former presidential supporters.

    “Two important questions for the selection committee are how misinformation and the spread of violent radicalism contributed to the violent attacks on democracy, and what steps social media companies have taken. Is it taken? Prevent their platform It has changed from a breeding ground to radicalize people to violence, “said Democratic Party member Bennie Thompson, who chairs the committee.

    Despite “months of involvement,” Thompson said he was “disappointed” that lawmakers “did not yet have the necessary documentation and information to answer these basic questions.”

    Alphabet said it has been “actively working” with the Election Commission since the start of the investigation, “substantially” responding to document requests and promising to work with Congress.

    In addition, “There are strict policies across YouTube and Google products that ban content that incites violence or undermines confidence in elections. These policies came into force by January 6 and are still today. It continues. We remain vigilant and promise to protect our platform from abuse. “

    Meta said: [the committee] To provide the necessary information we requested. Since then, Meta has documented the Commission according to the schedule requested by the Commission staff — and we continue to do so. “

    “We have received the subpoena and will continue to work with the Commission to meet their demands,” Reddit said. Twitter declined to comment.

    The January 6 committee also indicated its intention to step up its efforts by targeting parliamentarians. The committee on Wednesday said it had requested information from Kevin McCarthy, a top Republican member of the House of Representatives. McCarthy has shown that he has not voluntarily worked with the probe and could have another subpoena in the coming weeks.

    The subpoena to the Big Tech company on Thursday was summoned hours after the Justice Department revealed that it was the founder and leader of Stewart Rhodes. Oath Keepers A right-wing extremist group was charged on January 6 with a sedition conspiracy over his role.

    The charges were first raised against Rhodes, who was arrested Thursday in Little Elm, Texas. Another defendant, Edward Vallejo, was first charged and arrested in connection with the riots. Nine additional nominated co-defendants had already faced separate accusations in connection with the attack.

    The Department of Justice, which is investigating separately from the parliamentary investigation, described Oath Keepers as “a large but loosely organized group of individuals, some of which are related to the militia.”

    The indictment was triggered by the November 2020 election, when Rhodes colluded with other defendants to coordinate and travel to Washington to prove the election, “enforcement of the law governing the transfer of presidential power. Forcibly opposes. ” A plan to bring results and weapons to support their efforts.

    The indictment was opened by the Ministry of Justice’s investigation of the attack. 1st anniversary Of riots.

    US Attorney General Merrick Garland vowed to detain the perpetrators on January 6 “at all levels” and explain and defend his department’s work in tracking down parties last week. Progressivists have accused the Justice Department of not acting aggressively enough to track Trump and his supporters.

    More than 725 defendants have already been charged in criminal proceedings related to the attack, Garland said. Larger charges May still come.

    “In complex cases, the first indictment is often less serious than the later indicted crime,” Garland said. “The actions we have taken so far are not our last.”

    Additional Report by Hannah Murphy of San Francisco

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