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Facebook has reached a multi-year agreement to pay French publishers to reshare content on the platform. Announced today..

The social media giant said that the license agreement with the national and regional newspaper alliance states that “Facebook people are free to continue uploading and sharing news articles among the community, as well as the copyrights of their publishing partners. It means being protected. “

Facebook refused to identify how much it was paying for the deal with France’s l’Alliance de la pressed’information générale (APIG) when we asked. However, in a blog post promoting the deal, “after constructive negotiations, this solution will encourage investment in the news industry and enhance the news experience for both Facebook people and publishers.” I am.

The blog post also states that we will invest “at least” $ 1 billion to support media companies over the next three years, but this is not just a French pot, but a collective pot. Therefore, it remains unclear who is getting exactly what and where.

Facebook’s scale up in France is not voluntary: development is related to updated EU law to reform digital rights rules Back to 2019 In particular, it extends neighboring rights to publisher content fragments in response to criticism from the newspaper industry that ad tech giants are releasing the quality journalism shared by platform users.

France has been at the forefront of replacing EU digital rights reform with domestic law, but the amended rules are set to apply to the entire block. As a result, ad tech giants like Facebook need to make multiple transactions to cover the region. So that “at least” a billion dollar pot.

Meanwhile, Google is already Agreed reached With a French news publisher earlier this year.

However, how they approached the negotiations with the publisher was immediately monitored by the national competition watchdog.And this summer, the authority of France Fines Google $ 592 million Violation of process-related orders — accused of failing to negotiate in good faith and withholding important information related to payment decisions.

The French competition watchdog is also a global news licensed product devised by publishers, rather than Google unilaterally trying to impose conditions on publishers and negotiating local terms as required by law. I was dissatisfied with trying to urge you to agree to a Publisher Curated News.

It’s not clear whether the authorities’ aggressive coercion against Google will focus on Facebook and ink its own deal with a French publisher-especially because the amount to pay for content resharing is not disclosed- But that probably helped.

The French publishing alliance group, whose members agreed to the terms with Facebook, only said the deal would generate “significant funding,” especially emphasizing the increased revenue it would bring to the smallest members.

“This first step in the concrete implementation of neighboring rights shows that solidarity between publishers is the key to effectively protecting their interests,” said Alliance Chairman and Groupe Les Echos – Pierre Louette, CEO of Le Parisien, added in a statement.

Also today, Facebook announced that it will launch a French news service in January. This gives users “a dedicated space to access the content of trusted and reputable news sources.” The direct result of a law requiring payment of new reuse costs.

It’s a far cry from recent events in Australia. Earlier this year, lawmakers were discussing similar legislation related to news content aggregation and reuse payments. And during that legislative push, Facebook temporarily shut down news sharing within the county altogether. Many other sincere sourcesAt first glance, as a kind of “chaotic evil” lobbying strategy that tries to scare parliamentarians and abandon ideas.

But what actually happened was that Australian lawmakers went ahead and passed the news negotiation code that applies to Facebook and Google. February..

And the transaction that pays for content reuse in Australia Formally struck Between the pair and many publishers and broadcasters.

As such, the Adtech platform seems to be a barrier to getting a free pass to monetize the attention generated by professional news content passing through the platform. Other countries outside the EU have confirmed that Big Tech wallets have been unlocked to pay for news reuse through legislative changes.

But as stable payments flow from tech giants to the newsroom — last year Google also announced a $ 1 billion pot to pay for news licenses — Democratic watchers may have reasons to worry that the dominant internet platform will be a source of “free press” revenue.

Google and Facebook are certainly not wasting time squeezing out advertising opportunities — suddenly claiming that their platform has become a reliable source of “trustworthy and credible news.” (Instead, angry clickbaits and disinformation are often amplified for profit.)

“The partnership with the Alliance proves the benefits of a strong collaboration,” said a Facebook blog post. “Similarly, we are encouraged by the progress made elsewhere in Europe and want a continuous and constructive conversation.”

The development pointed out on the front line is the recent launch of Facebook News in Germany with new partners such as Axel Springer, Frankfurter Allgemeinezeitung, Handelsblatt and Tagespiegel.

It also mentions that it has contracts with many publishers in the UK, including Condé Nast, Economists, Guardian Media Group and Hurst.

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