Exposure to formaldehyde at work linked to cognitive problems later


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Various jobs expose people to formaldehyde, strong-smelling gases used in wood and chemicals, plastics and other applications. New studies suggest that long-term exposure to formaldehyde during work may be associated with later cognitive impairment. This survey was published in the online version on December 22, 2021. Neurology, American Academy of Neurology Medical Journal.

“We know that exposure to formaldehyde is associated with certain cancers, and our results suggest that exposure to small doses of formaldehyde may also be associated with reduced levels of cognitive function. It suggests that there is, “says research author Noemie Letellier, Ph.D. University of Montpellier, France. “People exposed to formaldehyde at work can take precautions, and companies may want to consider ways to reduce workers’ exposure to dangerous chemicals.”

The survey enrolled 75,322 French people with an average age of 58 years. Of these, 8%, or 6,026, were exposed to formaldehyde during their work life. Their profession included nurses, caregivers, medical technicians, workers in the textile, chemical and metal industries, carpenters and cleaners.

Lifetime formaldehyde exposure was calculated using tools used to estimate a person’s exposure to potential health hazards in various occupations. People were divided into three equal groups according to their years of exposure to formaldehyde. Low was considered to be less than 6 years, medium was considered to be 7 to 21 years, and high was considered to be 22 years or more. Participants were also divided into three groups according to their cumulative exposure. This is the total amount of formaldehyde that a person will be exposed to throughout his or her life, based on the probability, intensity and frequency of exposure.

Cognitive function was measured using seven common tests of word recall, memory, attention, reasoning, and other thinking skills, assessing each domain and deriving a global cognitive score.

After adjusting for age, gender, education, and other factors, researchers found that people exposed to formaldehyde at work, on average, were at risk of having thought and memory problems compared to those who were not. Was found to be 17% higher. This was true for all types of cognitive function that researchers tested.

For example, one cognitive test is to match a symbol to a number by following the keys at the top of the page. The subject copies the symbol to the space below the line of numbers. In this study, the maximum possible score was 135. The group exposed to formaldehyde had an average score of 63, while the group not exposed to formaldehyde had an average score of 66.

Workers exposed to formaldehyde for more than 22 years were at 21% higher risk worldwide Cognitive dysfunction Compared to people who have never been exposed. Workers with the highest cumulative exposure to formaldehyde had an average 19% higher risk of cognitive impairment compared to unexposed workers.

“Formaldehyde use has declined in the last few decades, but our results emphasize the fact that there are still thousands of people whose work exposes them to chemicals, and they May later face the risk of cognitive impairment because of it, “Leterie said.

This study Formaldehyde It causes cognitive impairment, it only shows an association.

The limitation of the study was that it did not include self-employed or agricultural workers.

Formaldehyde in straighteners warns the FDA

Quote: Later (December 22, 2021) Workplace exposure to cognitive problems is https: //medicalxpress.com/news/2021-12-exposure-form Aldehyde-linked-cognitive-problems. Obtained from html on December 22, 2021

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Exposure to formaldehyde at work linked to cognitive problems later Source link Exposure to formaldehyde at work linked to cognitive problems later

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