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A pregnant personal trainer in Texas claimed that Tristan Thompson was the father of her expected child, and court documents allowed him to sleep with a 31-year-old child.

Tristan Thompson, 30, is reportedly expanding his family. NBA superstars are rumored to be expecting his third child Marary NicholsAccording to, a 31-year-old personal trainer from Texas Daily mail.. Marary is currently pregnant with a boy by December 3, claiming that Tristan is his father. In court documents, Daily mail, Tristan admitted to sleeping with Marary in March, but did not explicitly confirm whether he was the father of her baby. HollywoodLife We are asking Tristan representatives for comment.

Photos of Marary who are completely pregnant are published by Daily mail.. Court documents issued by DM also confirm that Marilyn and Tristan hooked up between him. 30th birthday celebration In March, at that point he was still dating Chloe Kardashian.. Tristan admitted in court documents that he had sex with Marary several times at the hotel after the party.

Tristan Thompson (Photo: Brian To / Shutterstock)

“I had sexual intercourse as soon as I got to my hotel room,” Tristan said in a court filing. DM.. “Petitioner [Maralee] We started our sexual contact and did not oppose our sexual intercourse. She was very awake, conscious, and showed no signs other than her active participation in our sexual activity. “

Tristan reportedly wants to undergo a father-son test as well, the document states. According to her court documents, Marary is reportedly seeking child support from Tristan. Daily mail.. If this report is true, Tristan is becoming the father of three.Tristan is already a father son prince, 4, he shares with the original Jordan Craig, 30, and daughter NS, 3, he shares with his girlfriend Chloe on and off again.

Tristan Thompson
Tristan Thompson with Khloe Kardashian and his daughter True Thompson (Photo: IXOLA / BACKGRID)

NBA star Latest split Chloe came from True’s mother in June.With Tristan Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family Alum was actively co-parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic and even planned to have a second child by surrogacy.Final season KUWTK Documented the process of pairing to freeze embryos in preparation for expanding the family.

Between KUWTK June reunion, Chloe confirmed She and Tristan are back together following a fraudulent scandal in January 2019. “We have become really real, great friends of each other, and great parents,” Chloe explained. “He’s a great dad. That was exactly this natural advance. I’m not saying that’s what I recommend to others, it’s what happened to him and me naturally.”

Just a day later, there was news that it was over between the pair, followed by a new batch of allegations of fraud that were not confirmed by Chloe or Tristan himself. But when the reunion was recorded, Chloe was unaware of the rumors. “Chloe was honest about the status of their relationship at the time of the reunion taping,” he said. Source said HollywoodLife Exclusively.. Chloe hasn’t commented on the latest reported baby news yet, HollywoodLife I contacted her representative for comment.

Expecting a Third Child with a Texas Trainer Tristan Thompson: Report-Hollywood Life

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