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    Expectations for a solution to low tensions in Ukraine

    Customers are wearing protective face masks in the cafe because the TV screen shows Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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    US and Russian officials launched a series of high-stakes negotiations in Geneva on Monday as tensions over Ukraine have never been higher.

    Russia has been building a military presence on the Ukrainian border in recent months, leading to concerns that Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning an invasion of Ukraine. Russia denied such a claim and stated that it had the right to place troops anywhere within its territory.

    In a discussion last month, Putin called on US President Joe Biden to ensure that Ukraine is not a member of NATO. This is because the Western military alliance sees the expansion further east as a security threat. Biden refused to give such a guarantee..

    Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke with ABC News in the United States on Sunday, saying that as long as tensions on the Ukrainian border remain high, there will be no progress in relations with Russia.

    “We’re actually going to make these negotiations progress from next week, but if we don’t think we’ll see a breakthrough next week, we’ll listen to their concerns. They’ll listen to our opinion. Blinken is concerned and sees if there is a reason for progress, but in order to actually progress, it is very difficult to see what is happening when the escalation is in progress. “.

    “Russia has a gun on the head of Ukraine, which has an army of 100,000 near the border,” he added, adding that a sudden notice could increase the number of that army. “Therefore, if there is a decline in escalation, if there is a relief of tension, it is an environment in which we can make real progress and again address the concerns of both sides, rational concerns. can do.”

    Content of the meeting

    The world is watching how discussions proceed on the signs of melting the cold relationship between the United States and Russia.

    Tensions have risen significantly since Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, interfered with US elections in 2016, was involved in a nerve agent attack in the UK in 2018, and created Nord Stream 2 gas. I am. Among other issues, the pipeline between Russia and Germany.

    Whitehouse spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters that the United States and its allies would raise election interference, arms agreements, Ukraine and other issues in security negotiations with Russia. Wednesday..

    Talk to reporters At the White House briefing“We have raised security issues in Europe as well as Russia. Let’s be clear. In the last 20 years, Russia has invaded two neighboring countries and interfered with many other elections,” said Pusaki. It is a weapon for attempting assassination in foreign soil and violates international armament management agreements. “

    “We and our allies will raise these and other issues with Russia in the coming days and weeks, and certainly as part of these talks. And, of course, in Ukraine. It cannot be forgotten that the military occupation is underway, “she said, referring to the ongoing conflict in the Donbus region of eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian troops have fought against Ukrainian troops for years. ..

    High stakes

    The security debate on Monday is the point of the first discussion of a series of meetings between Russia and the West this week, which will continue on Wednesday between the Russian Council in Brussels and NATO. Cooperation in Europe on Thursday in Vienna.

    How Biden controls Russia, and his Russian response, is carefully watched over by Fred Kemp, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Atlantic Council. Foreign policy perspective “

    “European history knows Putin, who threatens more benevolent actors. I’ve seen this picture before, but here I need to remind myself who the attacker really is. Yes, this is an information game, but at the same time Putin allows him to take military action. President Putin will irreparably hurt Russia and Europe if he tries to wage war. “.

    Expectations for a solution to low tensions in Ukraine

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