Executives change key role of Hyundai Group


There is a very strong claim that the cars we drive are, at least in part, influenced by the suits of the automaker’s C suit. Witness the ongoing transformation at Toyota. Toyota has finally returned to the production of pulse-based cars, which were commissioned by the famous gearhead Akio Toyoda. Sure, there are hundreds or thousands of people working on a particular project at the same time, but big cheeses often influence decision making, whether intentionally or not.

That’s why we stood up and noticed when Hyundai shuffled the braces of the people who were primarily responsible for car styling and driving in the car maker’s showroom.

When the Korean giant seduced Audi’s Peter Schreier and later Albert Biaman in the BMW M division, it was considered a couple of modern coups. With the addition of former Bentley designer Luc Donckerwolke, the Hyundai Group has decided who is in the design and development of the vehicle. Efforts have been rewarded in the form of rockets such as the excellent Palisade, Kia Telluride sold in stickers, and the Elantra N. Even if these guys didn’t type directly into one or more of these rigs, their oversized resume is certainly there. It had some effect.

Now there are changes. Peter Schreyer and Albert Biermann will be advisors in their respective fields. Schreyer works as a design advisor, acting as a brand ambassador while helping the group develop talented designers. Biermann works as a technical advisor to support the group’s efforts to develop new engineering talent. He has been at the R & D headtable since 2018 after joining Hyundai three years ago and will replace Chung Kook Park as the new head of the R & D division. Meanwhile, Schreyer has been active since 2006 and became president of design management in 2018. The new head of the Contemporary Global Design Center will be Sang Yup Lee, the company’s new Executive Vice President.

What does this mean for the Hyundai and Kia brands? You will not notice that both men’s shoes are filled with qualified locals, not people of other brands. Schreyer and Biermann are in their 60s and have been struggling with the company for years, as if that meant something these days. Perhaps really because of retirement, transferring two major influences to advisory positions at the same time can herald future changes in design and driving philosophy. We don’t want the roster of existing machines – most – very attractive (or at least very attractive to the intended demographics). Hyundai and most other car makers will find that they are starting to use full electricity within the next few years. Perhaps this hastened the desire for landscape change.

Do these two executives have the same influence as advisors? History suggests that they may not. A couple of rock stars who helped build some great cars during the company’s petrol era would hopefully not be shut out in their advisory role.

[Image: Hyundai]

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Executives change key role of Hyundai Group

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