EVs have a higher “real world cost” than gasoline cars


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  • If you have been paying attention to the development of electric vehicles long enough, you know that there are endless factors in calculating how clean or dirty they are, cheap or expensive.
  • Anderson Economic Group issued to give a quote to the buyer paper I’m trying to figure out the actual cost of switching from gas to electricity in time and money.
  • The authors of the study pointed out a number of legitimate factors that cause EVs to take longer than charging a car, but what they didn’t do is how easy it is to charge some. It was to present an honest and realistic view of what it is. Man. This is an exercise to find a convenient way to minimize the benefits and emphasize the negatives.

    The latest “I’m scared of electric cars!” Research has come out, which is annoying. NS New paper Anderson Economic Group (AEG), an economic consulting firm, is doing some novelties as it seeks to understand all the costs associated with the transition from gas vehicles to EVs. The problem is that the author can’t hide his prejudice to tell everyone that a gas vehicle can refuel in less time than it takes to charge an EV.

    For example, based on gasoline prices in Michigan, where AEG is based, the study found that “the direct monetary cost of driving 100 miles on an internal combustion (ICE) vehicle is $ 8 to $ 12, and EVs. So it’s $ 12 to $ 12. $ 15. “That sounds alarming, and the result is, no matter what, it costs more to refuel with electricity than gasoline. It shows that it takes.

    However, if you take a closer look at Table 2, you can see that there are three types of petrol cars listed: entry, medium price and luxury. EVs also have three rows, but include one medium-priced EV and two high-end EVs (one “almost” charged at home and the other with a public charger. Often done). In other words, the cost-benefit of purchasing an entry-level EV is missing from this table.

    Aeg study on EV cost

    Anderson Economic Group

    More importantly, this study envisions the strange habit of EV drivers charging “almost” at home. How strange? The study assumes that it takes 2.5 minutes a day to charge using an installed household charger. This sounds a bit too long, but if you accept their assumptions and use an average of 30 days a month, how do they calculate that charging at home consumes 75 minutes a month? I understand. However, this paper does not use 75 minutes as an example of home charging. Instead, it also assumes that people who have housing charges actually do 40 percent of their charges at public commercial stations. This allows the survey to claim that it spends 4.5 hours a month charging the car.

    Charging at home and charging away from home

    Being able to charge at home is the key to calculating cost of ownership, and the charging rate of many EV owners is expected to be close to 90/10 percent in favor of charging at home. In the last two years Our long-term tesla model 3 Our figures are commercial because we are running in 55/45% splits in favor of charging at home, there is no 240 volt connection at home, and it is always driven by people on the move. Expected to be on the high side of charging on long trips.

    This is another example of the disgraceful methodology of this study. This paper shows that charging an EV takes longer than an internal combustion engine vehicle. This also applies to people who cannot charge at home. This is definitely a real problem, but to calculate the dollar cost of extra time for an EV driver, the author assumes an annual salary of $ 70,000.according to Social Security AdministrationHowever, the national average wage index in 2020 was just over $ 55,000. ZipRecruiter says The average annual salary of Americans is just over $ 74,000 a year, but “the average wage range is very different (as much as $ 52,500),” he said.

    In any case, by using higher estimated wages, the authors of the study can show that the “cost” of EVs is higher. This is because we assume that the time it takes to charge per minute is worth more money than if you used a lower salary. convenience.

    Next, let’s see how the authors of the study deal with “free” public chargers.They admit that these options exist, but then they say they “know it” [‘free’ chargers] It includes costs that must be paid and may be incorporated into property taxes, tuition fees, consumer prices, or investor burdens. “Their solution?They simply say “price [the free chargers] Use commercial charges. Well, isn’t it convenient? And you can guess how some car makers deal with the various free charging bundles they offer with their new EV purchases. that’s right. Instead of counting as zero cost, they price it like any other commercial fee.

    Consumption vs. efficiency

    There are more. The paper states that “EV buyers usually receive a Level 1 charger along with an automated purchase,” but the cost tally still includes a $ 600 fee to buy one. .. It also causes another rant when calculating the amount of energy required for each vehicle.Although they quote Our work on charge loss, They apparently forgot to read the one above Consumption vs. efficiency, Because they use EPA’s combination efficiency numbers in their calculations (which already include charge loss), add an additional 88% factor to account for charge loss. Unwinding the double math will reduce the cost figure by more than $ 1 from $ 11.72 to $ 12.97. Instead, assuming a 90 / 10% split for home charging, the cost of a luxury EV drops to $ 10.50 per 100 miles, easily surpassing the high-end gas-powered example.As we have pointed out, the percentage of commercial charging makes all the difference: Our Model 3 isn’t cheaper than the long-term BMW M340i. When always charging with a much more expensive public charger.

    The author at least admits that what he created here is not exactly scientific research, “serving EV drivers, Reddit, and EV drivers such as PlugShare and ChargePoint posted on the Taycan and Tesla driver forums. It points out that it contains data from the application that provides “” In other words, all the squeaky wheels I went to to post a complaint got grease here, but without problems All people who did not post because they had a charging session were ignored. convenience.

    But perhaps the most convenient way is for Anderson Economic Group papers to ignore references to emissions and climate change. Say what you want about the difficulty of calculating this number, but at least it feels dishonest not to address the topic.

    And it’s not without anyone trying to calculate different emissions between ICE vehicles and EVs. Pole Stars A recent life cycle analysis comes to mind.

    To be fair, a completely seamless EV charging is a dream for most people. Changing the world’s transportation infrastructure can be time consuming and tedious. The example quoting a charging station with broken paper or otherwise not working is real. This paper is a good example of how EVs show the hassle of gas cars for those who can’t charge at home. “Deadhead miles” can be painful if you don’t get in the way of finding a charging station, and you need to remember.

    Conclusion: Do your own math

    If you want to know the actual charging and driving costs of driving an EV, it’s best to find an online calculator from a reliable source (some utilities are provided to clients) and enter it yourself. is. information. It’s also a good idea to read this paper to see how some people organize their discussions. The automotive industry needs to be honest about how difficult it is for some drivers to charge an electric vehicle. This paper is somewhat biased, but should not be considered part of that discussion.

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EVs have a higher “real world cost” than gasoline cars

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