Evelin Villegas: 90 Day Fiance Producers TRICKED Corey Because He’s Weak and Dumb!


Controversy turmoil in Recent episodes of 90th fiance: vice versa It’s just part of the story.

On social media, Evelyn Vijegas she Requested divorce from Corey RathgeberBut he refused.

Well, after the turmoil with Jenny in Peru is over, she has more to say.

She still accuses Corey of betraying her, but is furious at the producer who manipulated Corey to take it further.

Evelin Villegas visited Instagram Stories for a quick Q & A with fans and followers.

Not surprisingly, the weekend episode provided a hint of reconciliation, but prompted new questions.

Among other things, Evelyn shared that some of her anger came from Corey, who spent time with Jenny in Peru after Evelyn’s car accident.

Evelyn Bigegas car accident photo

But there was another question asking about his relationship with Evelyn 90 days fiance Franchise.

“Would you like to continue shooting with TLC?” Asked one fan.

“I don’t know about the future, but for now it’s no,” Evelyn admitted.

Evelin Villegas IG Story-Producer accuses her of blinding her

“I’m actually taking the time to process everything, and I have to trust,” Evelin explained.

She admitted: “I trusted my last producer, and he blinded me completely.”

Naturally, Evelyn’s reply prompted further questions … and she answered them.

Evelyn Vigegas-I

“I didn’t want to shoot [second season]”Evelyn told the camera.

“I heard about this other woman,” she said of Jenny from Peru, “returning to the quarantine show.”

“He promised that it would be a video call to shoot with her,” Evelyn said.

Jenny-Hello Corey

“He lied to me,” Evelyn accused the producer.

“I know he and Corey planned this together,” she added.

“But Corey is very weak, [the producer is] A “very smart man” with a skill set that “makes him do things”.

Evelyn Rathgegas and Corey Lat Gaber got married on June 11, 2019

Manipulating reality stars to do things and speak with entertainment-providing cameras is part of the producer’s job.

This is more true for some shows than for others.

However, it is possible to cross the border. We don’t know that persuading someone to shoot in public with ex-boyfriend is part of that.

Coray Rathgeber

It is interesting that Evelyn describes her real husband, Corey, as “weak.”

It sounds a bit insulting, but it’s certainly true-many times he ends up in a stupid situation.

Even Evelyn’s toughest critics may agree with her here.

Corey Ratgeber and Evelyn Rathgegas look back on Season 3

“I accepted the video call, not the face-to-face scene,” Evelyn inferred.

“If I knew that, I wouldn’t have filmed the season,” she added, expressing the embarrassment that the producer tricked her.

Evelyn said: [it] It’s like signing a contract. I support it. “

Peruvian Jenny and Corey Ratgeber Slowback Selfie

Tentatively, Evelyn feels she may have ended up in a franchise.

Fans hate her and not only write to her horrific racist and misogynistic things.

It was hard for her, and for her marriage, to see her painful moments replay on the screen, even without production issues.

Evelyn Vigegas shouts and says she felt foolish to trust him

More than once this season (and less than 10 episodes yet), Evelin has blamed Corey on social media.

Some of the things he shot this season, like the scene with Jenny in Peru, didn’t tell her.

He must have taken months to warn her … and instead she had to find like everyone else.

Corey Rathgeber admits that he completely ghosted Jenny from Peru

But despite these painful moments, their social media activities make it pretty clear that they are together.

And Evelyn makes an excuse for Corey, blaming the operational producer for him.

Calling your husband “weak” may not sound like a word of affection, but in this context it may.

Evelin Villegas: 90 Day Fiance Producers TRICKED Corey Because He’s Weak and Dumb! Source link Evelin Villegas: 90 Day Fiance Producers TRICKED Corey Because He’s Weak and Dumb!

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