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    EU Northern Ireland concessions are not well underway, UK warns

    For the deal to survive, the EU will need to make significant changes to the still controversial Northern Ireland Protocol. British Minister Brexit warns this week that Brussels will pour cold water into its efforts to offer concessions.

    When the EU is preparing to offer to abolish many border controls between Northern Ireland and the British mainland in order to ease tensions over trade with parts of the UK, which is effectively part of Europe. Sir David Frost will speak to. Single market.

    EU concessions Described in the commission paperIt will be approved next week, which will allow free distribution of many foods across the Irish Sea and ban British chilled meat from entering Northern Ireland. It involves reducing the chances of being called a “war.” Ireland.

    EU officials say the total number of customs inspections can be cut in half.

    But this offer goes far beyond the UK’s requirement that trade with Belfast should be as easy as trade with Birmingham, and that it requires the removal of European Court of Justice oversight from the transaction. No.

    In his speech in Lisbon on Tuesday, Sir Frost is expected to warn: The Commission was too quick to dismiss governance as a side issue. The reality is the opposite.

    “The role of the European Court of Justice in Northern Ireland and the consequent failure of the UK Government to reasonably implement highly confidential arrangements in the Protocol has created a serious imbalance in the way the Protocol operates. rice field.

    “Without new arrangements in this area, protocols will not have the support they need to survive.”

    In 2020, Frost agreed to the Protocol, leaving some EU regulations in Northern Ireland to prevent harsh borders with Ireland. Failure to open the border risks increasing community tensions between Protestants and Catholics in the north, which has improved significantly since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

    British officials have threatened to suspend the Protocol altogether by invoking Article 16 of the Post-Brexit Trade Cooperation Agreement unless almost all checks are discarded.

    “Tweaking the edges doesn’t work,” officials said. “If the EU shows ambition and disagrees with significant changes to the Protocol, use Article 16 to ensure that the Good Friday Agreement and arrangements to protect the peace process are in place. need to do it.”

    The UK warned in July that it had already reached the threshold for using Article 16, but delayed its use to find a solution. The EU has postponed legal action for the same reasons that the UK took for violating the terms of the Protocol earlier this year.

    Once invoked, Article 16 requires a series of consultations and, if no agreement is reached, potential legal and trade sanctions.

    In a speech last week, Vice-President of the European Commission Maroš Šefchovic ruled out the removal of the ECJ as the final arbitrator of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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    EU Northern Ireland concessions are not well underway, UK warns

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