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    Erika Jayne to Spill ALL the Tea on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

    Erika Jayne recently published everything on social media.

    Surprise your followers, Polarizable Bravo’s personality I uploaded topless photos to Instagram A few days ago.

    Meanwhile, according to credible sources, Jane is trying to expose everything in a completely different way.

    In his SiriusXM podcast on Monday, Andy Cohen assured listeners that Jane was ready to spill all ounces of tea on the Real House Wives following the reunion of Beverly Hills.

    According to Cohen, the special has already been filmed, so viewers know exactly what they see during the broadcast.

    “The drama continued to turn up because of the tentacles of the drama involving all the other women,” Cohen teased at his show yesterday.

    “We did most of her marital drama early in the day, and I think the last 90 minutes were a very lively conversation about the incident and what was happening.”

    Of course, Jane has been having trouble with almost every co-star in the last few weeks.

    A controversial cast member has deceived his past legitimate client from a multi-million dollar settlement he earned after his loved one was killed in a plane crash more than three years ago, and her estranged husband. , Was accused of colluding with Tom Girardi.

    Yes, you read the sentence correctly.

    This is a vicious claim.

    But Jane insisted on anyone who heard that Tom had no idea what he was doing in this regard.

    Yes, she applied for a divorce from Giradi in late 2020.

    But he was constantly cheating on her, so Erica is constantly insisting.

    Not because she was trying to hide the assets the couple had acquired through their illegal plans.

    Meanwhile, Cohen says Erica “answers everything” about her unsuccessful marriage and these nasty legal claims during the reunion stage.

    “The viewer asked a great question. We feel that we have expressed the intent of what the viewer is feeling,” he previewed in a podcast.

    “I found it fascinating, fascinating, and amazing.

    “We talked about everything.”

    Jane recently blew up on a colleague To their constant questions about her actions and motivations.

    She keeps her innocence in the face of $ 25 million proceedings..

    It is also worth remembering that Erica has not been charged with a crime.

    “Erica feels like Lisa Rinna is her only real friend at the show,” the insider told the Daily Mail this month.

    “The other woman says one thing on her face and something completely different behind her. Lisa actually has her back.”

    What about these other housewives at the reunion?

    Garcel Bovey and Dorit Kemsley “enter” Erica NS At some point, Cohen said she was in tears.

    But “there wasn’t a walkoff I loved,” Andy added.

    “Lisa Rinna was the last to comment, she said:

    “What do you know, everyone sat here and took it today,” it was true. Everyone faced music. They were all there, they were all engaged, and they were all there. “

    Beverly Hills Real House Wives will air on Wednesday 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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    Erika Jayne to Spill ALL the Tea on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Source link Erika Jayne to Spill ALL the Tea on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

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