Erika Jayne Compares Legal Situation to Jesus, Gets Slammed by EVERYONE


Even after shooting Erika Jayne skewered by Andy Cohen At the reunion Producer wants more Erica..

From a reality television point of view, it makes a lot of sense- Shoot a drama..

But not only Erica’s scandal, but her public reaction to the scandal has infuriated many fans.

Erica behaves as if she is being persecuted … even comparing herself to Jesus.

Jesus, Erica.

As always, we want to convey the full context of this.

It all starts with Erica, Tom Girardi, and one of the lawyers looking into a lot of missing money.

Erika Jayne

Ronald Richards is a lawyer who oversees the liquidation of Tom’s company.

He conducted rounds, interviewed and podcasted, and made statements.

Richards has repeatedly shared suspicions about how Erica was directly or indirectly involved in Tom’s case.

Erika Jayne vs Sutton Stracke (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

So Erica’s superfan took him to Instagram to call on Ronald Richards … and called on him to be banned.

Fans accused Richards of “weakening the judicial system.”

This was allegedly done “by accusations and hints in the hope of stimulating public opinion to invalidate the court.”

Erika Jayne at Reunion

“This action is dangerous and reckless for our society!” Exclaimed Superfan.

“Everyone should pay attention,” he added to the post.

“This is exactly how CHRIST died,” concludes the post on Instagram Story, a super fan.

Jane, yes

What does this have to do with Erica, literally beyond her?

Uh … she chose to share the post in her Instagram story.

Sharing a post is almost always an approval, unless it’s a mistake.

Erika Jayne explains what

In this case, Erica seems to have done both-because it was a mistake to share and approve this post.

There are many parent Erica stances around social media that do not cause this inflammation.

There are many requests for bans from lawyers on the other side.The comparison of Jesus is … well, a lot more..

Andy Cohen challenges Erika Jayne (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

“It’s absolutely insane for Erika Jayne to compare herself to Christ,” she tweeted to a horrified critic.

Fans tweeted: “This woman fainted her.”

The comparison reminded me of the former Real housewives However, OG.

Vicky Gunvalson-I

“Erika Jayne is pulling Vicky Gunvalson and comparing her (voluntary) drama to the crucifixion of Christ …..” Another surprised.

The social media user added, “Girl PUHLEASEEEEEEEE!”

Memorably, Vicky once said, “I was nailed to the cross like Jesus.” Wife, no.

Erika Jayne IG defends Jesus

“This is not a post comparing @theprettymess to Christ,” Erica insisted in a follow-up post.

“It compares unethical lawyers trying to undermine this judicial system,” she claimed.

Erica said this was done “by persuading the court to ACT on the basis of public opinion rather than law.”

E. Jane

“Like the Pharisees did to Christ,” Erica apparently had to add.

According to Christian religious traditions, senior Jewish temple officials were responsible for the execution of Jesus.

It is also at the core of Christian theology that the death of Jesus was his choice and the means by which all mankind could be redeemed.

Erika Jayne

Historically, Jesus was executed by the state, especially by crucifixion.

The means of death indicate that Jesus may have been seen as a threat to the continued rule of Rome.

High-ranking Jewish residents were obliged to report signs of rebellion and riots, but it is unclear what role they played.

Erika Jayne vs Sutton Stracke (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

Simply put, I mention all of these to say that no version of Jesus’ history or theological explanation matches the comparison.

That’s a bad analogy. And, as you know, people always make bad analogies.

But when you go back to the corner and lose almost every piece of your popularity, it’s definitely the worst time to reach like this.

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