Enjoy the weekend in a world of pink Porsche Taycan only


It’s harder to think of a happier and more hilarious way to slip into the weekend than perusing a bunch of photos imagining a world filled with frozen berries (pink) alone. Porsche Taycan..

We certainly like the sound of such a world, and seeing it in front of us is a pretty hilarious treat. Thanks to photographer Tomek Makolski for putting together this series of photos.You might immediately think this was a Photoshop job based on numbers Taycans As you can see in each photo, it’s far from the truth. All the pink Taycans in the picture are real. To do this, Makorsky had to take multiple pictures for each location (moving the Taycan to each) and computerize the pictures.

Yes, some Photoshop work is done here, but all Taycans and where they appear are very realistic. Makorsky embarked on a journey of about 2,000 miles around Europe, starting and ending in Stuttgart, Germany, with this pink Taycan. He went to the coasts of Munich, the Austrian Alps, Monaco and Marseille.This was not the first of Makorsky Porsche Project either, as he previously put together a life-size project 911 GT3 lego A series of photos.

“After the Lego project, we were talking about doing something new together, and Porsche suggested the idea of ​​shooting the Taycan,” says Makorsky. “I was made to think about the future of mobility, and the goal of the series is Electric car It’s much more popular on the streets. “

Pink Teikan is everywhere in this series of photos, so it seems that the goal has been achieved. Happy viewing!

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Enjoy the weekend in a world of pink Porsche Taycan only

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