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    Empowerment to reduce childhood obesity explored for first time in Australia

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    The focus of the University of Queensland’s research on reducing childhood obesity is to give families skills, resources and knowledge to improve their lifestyles.

    Ph.D. Candidate Renae Earl of the University of Queensland’s Faculty of Human Exercise and Nutrition said this was the first time this approach had been considered. childhood Australian weight management.

    “This approach aims to empower people, organizations and communities by providing skills and knowledge that can be applied in all situations to improve life in all areas,” Earl said. I am.

    “Obesity is a complex and persistent problem, and it is important to investigate all potential intervention techniques.

    “The World Health Organization has set an ambitious goal of not increasing Childhood obesity By 2025, but recent estimates suggest that no country is more than 50% likely to reach this goal.

    “It remains the masses of the world health problem. “

    Empowerment methods are in the process of allowing people to set and work towards their goals, facilitating self-determination and at the same time ensuring that they have the skills and resources needed to reach them. Supported by professionals.

    Ms. Earl said that this kind of program is partly sexual and Mental health issues, And helped people quit smoking.

    “We found that 70% of empowerment studies improved the outcome of participants’ health behaviors,” she said.

    “Our study calls on healthcare professionals, researchers and parents to consider this as an alternative intervention to boost Australia’s traction.”

    Overall, there are only 29 empowerment studies around the world focused on child weight management, none conducted in Australia.

    Research has shown that empowerment interventions are a comparable alternative to traditional behavior modification methods for weight management in childhood and are particularly suitable for priority populations, Earl said.

    She is currently planning to co-design and implement Australia’s first empowerment-focused childhood healthy lifestyle program for weight management. This will be done with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders families.

    The study is published at Childhood obesity..

    Effective childhood weight management program for Hispanic children in low-income households

    For more information:
    Renae Earle et al, Empowerment Approach in Childhood Weight Management: Systematic Review, Childhood obesity (2021). DOI: 10.1089 / chi.2021.0049

    Quote: Australia’s first study of empowerment to reduce childhood obesity (September 17, 2021) is available at Obtained September 17, 2021

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    Empowerment to reduce childhood obesity explored for first time in Australia Source link Empowerment to reduce childhood obesity explored for first time in Australia

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