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    Employers are consumer edtech’s next beta test – TechCrunch

    Remote work is possible Our way of spending our days has changed, but there is some pretty sneaky turmoil in us. It’s burnout. As the pandemic prolongs, employees are either looking for a soul for a greater purpose, or simply exhausted by the uncertainty and obsolete culture of their current work.

    It’s also not a small subset of the working population: Microsoft Estimate 41% are likely to consider leaving their employer within the next year, and 46% are planning a major pivot or career transition.

    Newly capitalized Master Class and Outschool are looking for ways to grow into a reputation.

    Employers are under new pressure to retain their talents, which is turning into more inclusive and creative interests. Pre-pregnancy and post-partum support NS Text-based mental health care and on-demand meditation.. As the move to support employees gains momentum, traditionally consumer-focused educational technology start-ups are gaining attention.

    Over the past few months, direct sales companies, including Outschool and Master Class, have quietly spun up their employer-focused products. Platforms that combine entertainment and education have unconventional value propositions. Outschool, an after-school children’s enrichment platform, bets that working parents will have access to additional support to keep their children interested. Master Class, which offers expert-led classes on demand, also hopes that chatting with your favorite celebrities will give star employees a longer stay at the company.

    The belief that employers invest in edutainment benefit platforms is a departure from the traditional marketing that edtech has used to enter this market. For example, companies like Udemy and Guild Education are focusing on improving and improving their employees to play the most up-to-date and demanding role.

    As early efforts begin to capture real investment, the success of consumer edtech depends on its ability to effectively and consistently have an impact on employers in the long run. Simply put, entrepreneurs need to persuade employers to rely on edtech for an even more elusive solution than education: motivation.

    When the struggle is more obvious

    Amy Yamuner Jenkins I joined Outschool last fall as a contractor to grow my after-school market business. When the school did not reopen in August 2021, she said the school and employer began looking to Outschool to relieve the stress of another year of distance learning.

    These early customer signals have radically changed Outschool’s priorities. A year later, Jenkins is head of school and distribution, with a team of 10 dedicated to helping Outschool get into more schools and employer benefits packages. Today, more than 100 companies, including Alto Pharmacy, Mursion, and Twitter, use Outschool.

    “I don’t think it was easy to be a parent working before a pandemic,” Jenkins said. “But it feels like the pandemic has made it even more apparent. [to companies] What was the struggle? “

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