‘Emily In Paris’ Season 2: How Old Is Emily in ‘Emily in Paris’?


Everyone has Emily Emily in Paris I was in my early twenties We were all wrong…include Lily Collins??Well, Emily’s official age has finally been revealed Season 2, Dropped Netflix please do not worry. This post does not include spoilers (unless you consider her age to be spoilers).

To be fair to all involved, Emily’s age was never mentioned throughout the first season, and the cheerful American had a very youthful naive about her. The confusion arose when Emily’s backstory included a master’s degree and enough work experience to send to Savoie on behalf of her pregnant boss, played by Kate Walsh.

Her resume is written by 32-year-old Collins British epidemic.. “I don’t think I’ve given her age a specific’number’, but I think she’s just graduated from college,” she said in October 2020. I want to say she’s about 22 years old. “

She continued. “She has enough experience to earn the respect of her boss at a Chicago company. She’s really innovative with clever cookies — and this isn’t her first rodeo to do. She Went to school for this and completed an internship. But she wasn’t the one who traveled in college. She was really, really focused on work in the Midwest, and I said she was abroad I don’t think I was there. ”So how did that master’s degree come about?


Well, Collins was forced Correct yourself After the article was published and Twitter had the opportunity to gently rib the actor’s mistakes. “Emily is looking at me when I make a mistake in her age 😂 I’m sorry girl” Joke in an Instagram story At the time. “You may not be 22 years old, but I have to say-you sometimes act like that !!!”

Okay, how old is Emily? Emily in Paris?? !! The question wasn’t answered until Season 2, Episode 3, centered around the birthday dinner of an American expatriate, despite her claim to Mindy (Ashley Park) It’s a “birthday with nothing”. Curiously, she tells more than seven characters that it’s her birthday, without asking how old one character is. It’s as if Darren Star felt something particularly trivial about the whole controversy.

In fact, the only way viewers know Emily’s age is to see all of her friends’ “Happy Birthday” messages on social media. While Emily likes and responds, you’ll instantly see @ TheVagaJeune writing: Happy birthday, @ emilyinparis. “

Emily in Paris

So you have it. This is Emily. 29-year-old. The mystery has been solved.

Season 2 Emily in Paris teeth You can stream now With Netflix.

‘Emily In Paris’ Season 2: How Old Is Emily in ‘Emily in Paris’? Source link ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 2: How Old Is Emily in ‘Emily in Paris’?

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