Emily in Paris: Lily Collins Takes Us Inside a Revamped Season 2


She continues. “And we’re having fun in America as well. Emily is just as happy to mention where she came from and jokes about her colleagues and how they live there, they’re about her. I’m kidding. So when it was a little boring about the deep dish, or when I messed up from my age, I laughed about it. I’m sorry to be messed up. In this industry, join this industry As I grow up, I know that not everyone likes your job all the time. “

It was unexpected, Collins felt the need to defend the series, and still feels, but she wasn’t trying to turn a blind eye to criticism.Born in business (her father is the legendary Genesis frontman Phil Collins), she has been the mainstay since starring as the daughter of Sandra Bullock. Blind side, She also feels responsible for learning and accepting feedback. So when criticism began to come in, she wanted to hear.

“I think there are a lot of people who don’t expect to be Team Alfie. They were so professional that Gabriel would be a little surprised when sudden people start to feel. Maybe this is Emily. And I think it’s fun to see how people start to consolidate and change their opinions. Emily wants to do the right thing, but she’s life It’s also a time when she’s very work-focused and exploring her options. She values ​​herself a little more than before … and that’s when this new guy comes in, and you’re it. You can see how she shakes and excites her. “


This meant not only displaying typical Instagrammable attractions, but also letting Emily embrace authentic French culture. In Season 2 from December 22nd, Emily will attend a French class and begin a real attempt to learn a language in both spoken and spoken language. “You really go to different areas of the city and see Emily working a little harder in her new city. She really leans on the environment and she accepts it and is one with it. It is possible to become. “

But it will never be converted to a coarser, less colorful version Emily in Paris.. It’s almost the same show you’ve always loved or loved to choose. “This is an advanced version of this world. comedy, “Collins emphasizes. “And it’s a colorful, bright, romantic version of the story created and created by Darren Star.”

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