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    Elon Musk continues to insult Biden’s EV tax credit system

    Elon Musk continues to bash Biden administration’s tax credit designed to promote the adoption of electric vehicles, This time I propose to discard the entire invoice. Included as part of the Buildback Better Act, which focuses on addressing various social, infrastructure, and climate issues, Musk has proposed simply abolishing the entire text.

    “Honestly, I can handle the entire bill,” he said. The Wall Street Journal CEO Council SummitAppears away from Tesla’s construction site in Austin, Texas.

    It is doubtful that he has read the full text, but it is actually the administrator of a social program (eg, free college admission, increased funding for Medicare and Medicare, investment in alternative energy businesses, IRS). Increased funding and empowerment, more money for educational services, and investment in low-income housing) are mixed with some routine infrastructure spending and EV subsidies / incentives mentioned above. I am.We honestly don’t believe that only a handful of people have read the whole thing before HR 5376 (Build Back Better Act) Because of its absolutely huge length.

    There was even Poll published by CBS It shows that less than 10 percent of Americans actually had a general understanding of the content of the bill...but, you are You just have to look at it for yourself To quickly realize that most people don’t have the kind of free time needed to look up all the items.

    Still, House passed a bill of about $ 2 trillion being transferred by the Byden administration, some of which would cost consumers $ 12,500 if they bought an electric car assembled by members using Americans. Includes a clause that gives you a tax credit-built-in battery. Products manufactured at one of Tesla’s non-union facilities, on the other hand, are subject to significantly lower tax credits.

    But Elon Musk doesn’t seem to be very interested in government support. Echo some of his previous comments about the tax system.. He believes that existing subsidies are sufficient and are working well enough to make his company a top EV producer with a very wide margin. Musk believes that there is little reason to provide additional support, especially if it is split based on the relationship between the company and the union. Many claim to be clearly political..

    from WSJ:

    He also said that no federal funding was needed to charge the electric vehicle. Biden’s November law-signed infrastructure package includes $ 7.5 billion to expand the network of electric vehicle charging stations nationwide.

    “Do you need gas station support? We don’t,” he said. “erase.”

    Musk, who is often critical of US authorities, including President Biden, has made a more reconciling tone when it comes to the Chinese government.

    “There are a lot of people in the Chinese government who have achieved some sort of growth … China is a small economy, and perhaps China feels like it’s been pushed by a lot of people. They really block China. I don’t fully understand the fact that I will be a big child, “he said.

    Mr. Musk added that Tesla has good ties with China, the home of the company’s largest car factory in terms of production.

    I’ve seen many articles discussing how Elon is at odds with the Biden administration, but his statement that China is becoming the dominant world power as a way to undermine his credibility. Just work on recognition. The reality is much more complicated than Musk’s side. Despite making significant profits in Asia The Chinese government was very critical of Tesla He leveled the accusations that the car could be used by the United States for espionage. As a result, it could even prevent the Tesla model from being parked near the military base.

    Musk is ultimately a controversial businessman, and it’s hard to seriously believe that he has a better relationship with the Chinese Communist Party than the White House. He wants to do the best deal he can for his company, and the US caters to legacy car makers (especially Ford, GM, Stellantis) who want to see Tesla go out of business. I chose to do it. China wants the same for many state-owned car operators. But only after they have used related technology coming from the United States.

    “I’m not going to support everything China does more than it supports everything the United States and other countries do,” Musk added.

    [Image: Naresh111/Shutterstock]

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    Elon Musk continues to insult Biden’s EV tax credit system

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