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    Ellen Pompeo: Darn Right, I Once Screamed at Denzel Washington on Set!

    Denzel Washington yelled, “King Kong hasn’t hit me,” in his role as an Academy Award-winning dirty detective in the movie “Training Day.”

    And that may be true.

    But what about Ellen Pompeo? !! ??

    In the latest episode of her podcast, Grey’s Anatomy star sat down with her ex-colleague Patrick Dempsey this week.

    At some point, the conversation turned into a season 12 episode of the ABC drama. The episode aired in February 2016 and was not directed by anyone but Washington. The more likely he is in Hollywood, the more enthusiastic and respected he is.

    But what if Pompeo might be threatened by his existence?

    Well, she has a clear story to tell …

    Ellen Pompeo in 2019

    After praising Washington as a performer, Ellen admitted that she shouted improvised lines to another character in an emotional scene … and that didn’t work for the famous former director.

    “I was like,’Look at me when you apologize. Look at me,’” Pompeo recalled yelling at the actor in the scene.

    “And it wasn’t in the dialogue,” she explained.

    “And Denzel put a ham on my ass. He said,” I’m the director. Can you tell him what to do? ” “

    Ellen Pompeo as Meredith in Grey

    But once again, Pompeo revealed in this retelling that she was in her position with respect to the actor. Big time.

    “I was like,’Listen, Motherfker, this is my show,’” Ellen continued. “”

    “This is my set. Who are you talking to?”

    Later reveal that she “has the utmost respect” [Denzel] As an actor and director, “Ellen said she was thrilled with the overall experience.

    “Yes, I went one day.”

    Meredith with some scrubs

    “So we didn’t get over it without fighting, but it’s an actor for you,” the actress told Dempsey.

    “Passionate and fiery, it’s the place to get magic, it’s the place to get good. So it was a great experience, it really was.”

    I can’t believe it.

    And why can’t you respect Pompeo for taking her position on the set of shows that helped Pompeo make it iconic?

    Ellen Pompeo at the finale

    But recently we heard another story about the power of Pompeo’s set-and this didn’t portray her in a positive light.

    Lynette Rice-People who have just released an unauthorized biography of Grey’s Anatomy How to Save Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy- I talked to E!Claimed news a few days ago Pompeo once fired a co-star..

    The author told E! The cast of Grey’s Anatomy often felt the need to “kiss the ring” when it came to Pompeo.

    translation? They often had to ask for her permission to do almost anything on the set.

    Pompeo as Meredith

    Specifically, there are questions about when to take behind-the-scenes photos, who can take behind-the-scenes photos, and what happens to these behind-the-scenes photos.

    Rice talked to the outlet mentioned above about an unnamed former cast member who lost his job because he went against Pompeo’s ill-mannered rules.

    “It was this strange thing that she was taking pictures behind the scenes.

    “But Ellen has come to the point where it really becomes Ellen’s set, so you really should check in to your mom, just let her know,” FYI, are you okay with this? ? “She didn’t do that. “


    as a result?

    A regular in the anonymous series encountered her “fall” and was eventually fired from Grey’s Anatomy, Rice said, adding as a major bully:

    “You have to get a book to see who it is.”

    Pompeo has not yet commented on this claim.

    Ellen Pompeo: Darn Right, I Once Screamed at Denzel Washington on Set! Source link Ellen Pompeo: Darn Right, I Once Screamed at Denzel Washington on Set!

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