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    Education official wants COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for studnets – Riverside, California

    Riverside, California 2021-09-04 07:34:32 –

    Ruben Cortez Jr. quoted the number of recent COVID-related deaths at school and said he would like to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of school immunity required.

    Austin, Texas — A Texas Board of Education members are COVID-19 vaccine It will be added to the list of required immunity and will be effective immediately.

    Ruben Cortes Jr. Made a request by letter to State Health Service Department..

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    Polio is one of the immunities needed for students from kindergarten to high school in Texas.

    Cortez Jr. quoted the number of recent COVID-related deaths among school staff during the week State Board of Education meeting.

    “In fact, teachers are dying because they are in our school and do the work they need to educate their children,” he said. “What I don’t want is that our children will come next.”

    HSHS has stated that under the current executive order of Governor Greg Abbott, children cannot be required to be vaccinated with COVID-19, which Congress can handle.

    “The number of Texas people hospitalized for COVID-19 has exceeded the previous peak since January 2020, so we cannot deny that we are at stake. Our hospital is full. Beyond, brave healthcare professionals are at the limit. This is the time, our children are at greatest risk.

    “Hospitals throughout the state are out of the pediatric intensive care unit because more children get seriously ill every day. Last week, Houston reported the first death of a child without an existing condition. Millions of children are returning to the classroom as they write, where Governor Abbott bans highly mitigation strategies that have proven to be the most effective in keeping them safe. bottom.

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    “It is clear that the governor has abandoned his duties.

    “For decades, Texas schools have needed immunity to diphtheria, rubella, mumps, tetanus, and other illnesses. Texas law under Section 38.001 of the Texas Education Act tells the State Health Department. Demands immunity against additional illnesses. ” As a requirement for admission to elementary or junior high school. This authority does not require the approval of the governor.

    “Article 531.003 of Texas State Government Act states that the Health and Welfare Committee’s goal is to” promote the health of people in the state by reducing the incidence of illness and nullifying the condition. ” .. The Governor has relinquished this responsibility and it is your duty to take immediate action to protect our children and school employees. Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has been fully FDA approved and more are in progress, so it is advisable to add COVID-19 to the list of required school vaccinations will be effective soon.

    “Our children are more important than politics. I am ready to help you as much as possible.”

    Education official wants COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for studnets Source link Education official wants COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for studnets

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