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    Ebola vaccine to begin human trials

    Ebola virus isolated in November 2014 from a patient’s blood sample taken in Mali. The virus was isolated in Vero cells in the BSL-4 suite of Rocky Mountain Laboratories. Credit: NIAID

    Oxford University has begun recruiting Phase I trials to test the Ebola vaccine in human volunteers. The first vaccination has already taken place.

    Study evaluates Immune response And new safety vaccination Against Ebola’s Zaire and Sudanese seeds.

    All planned samples of 26 participants who must be evaluated as healthy and 18-55 years old will receive a single dose of ChAdOx1biEBOV vaccine at the university. After vaccination, participants will be monitored through several visits over a 6-month period, with results expected in the second quarter of 2022.

    Vaccine is based on ChAdOx1 virus, A weakened version of the common cold virus (adenovirus), which is genetically modified and cannot be replicated in humans. This vector was previously successfully used in the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine, or the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

    Professor Teresa Lambe, an associate professor at the Jenner Institute and a principal scientific researcher at Oxford University, said:

    “Sporadic Ebola virus outbreaks are still occurring in affected countries, endangering the lives of individuals, especially front-line healthcare workers. More to tackle this catastrophic disease. I need a lot of vaccines. “

    Dr. Daniel Jenkin, Principal Researcher at the Jenner Institute at Oxford University, said: “Recent advances have approved a vaccine against one of the viruses responsible for Ebola disease. Several different species of virus and each of these require a targeted immune response to provide protection. May do.

    “We have designed a new vaccine that targets the two viruses that caused the outbreak and death of almost all Ebola viruses. We are currently looking forward to testing this in Phase I clinical trials. trial.. “

    Dr. Paola Chicconi, Principal Investigator for the Exam at the Jenner Institute at Oxford University, said: COVID-19 Vaccine) demonstrates that vaccines can be produced quickly, in large quantities, at low cost, in easy-to-use storage conditions in developing countries.

    “This study provides valuable data on the safety and immunological aspects of the new polyvalent Ebola virus ChAdOx1 vaccine.”

    Volunteers interested in registering for a study can register online.

    Further testing of the vaccine is expected to begin in Tanzania by the end of 2021.

    A more effective booster than the mRNA vaccine for ChAdOx1nCoV-19

    Provided by
    Oxford University

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