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    E-commerce aggregator Merama gets its horn after just 12 months in business – TechCrunch

    When it comes to investing in Latin American e-commerce aggregators these days, it rains.

    MelamaThe acquisition or launch of a Latin American digital brand was $ 1.2 billion in just 12 months since its inception, with a new $ 60 million additional investment led by Series B investors Advent International and Softbank. Reached the rating.It will also be the day after your fellow LatAme Commerce Aggregator. Quinio announces $ 20 million in initial funding We will acquire about 30 companies.

    The investment is: $ 225 Million Series B InvestmentAnnounced in September, the Mexico and Brazil-based companies were valued at $ 850 million. At the time, the company advertised it as “the largest Series B round ever procured in Latin America.”

    In April, when Melama entered the e-commerce aggregator scene, she first created a profile. Debt and Equity Seeds and Series A Rounds Total $ 160 Million.. In total, the company has raised $ 445 million, of which $ 345 million is equity and $ 100 million is debt.

    The company was co-founded by Sujay Tyle, co-founder and former CEO of Frontier Car Group. Felipe Delgado, former CEO of Beatman Energy. Petsy co-founder and former COO Olivier Scialom. Renato Andrade, formerly McKinsey’s Associate Partner. And Guilherme Nosralla, a former growth manager at Wildlife Studios.

    “Latin America is the fastest growing e-commerce region in the world, but the brand is in the very early stages or doesn’t exist,” Tyle emailed TechCrunch. “Melama believes that billions of dollars of brands will be created in Latin America over the next five years.”

    Currently, Melama has more than 180 employees and a portfolio of 20 brands in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru. With more than $ 250 million ready to sell this year, Tyle said, “a significant cash flow positive.”

    Its prominent brands include Mexican consumer electronics company Redlemon and Chilean baby goods distributor Bebesit.Overall, Latin America’s $ 85 billion e-commerce market is growing rapidly, with some expectations. Reach $ 116.2 billion in 2023..

    In addition to acquiring digital brands, the company is not only developing automation and scalability tools to support growth across Latin America, but also launching its own tools. We also plan to monetize the underlying technology that automates brand management and supply chains.

    With the latest funding, the company can expand into Argentina and the United States. Merama also closed the executive team by hiring former Mandae CTO Danielo Ferreira as CTO of Merama and former Mercado Libre Marketplace Director Ignacio Nart as Senior Vice President of Private Label.

    Overall, e-commerce aggregators have been the focus of attention around the world over the past few years, and successful companies have secured billions of venture capital in recent years. Beijing-based in addition to Quinio Nebula Brands received $ 50 million this week.

    In front of them GravitiqFocusing on Healthcare Brands, Heyday’s $ 555 Million Series C..Announced by Thrasio, the big name of aggregator $ 1 billion in OctoberWhile Perch grabbed a large investment $ 775 million May.

    Unlike Thrasio and Perch, Tyle explains: “Because Latin America is a growth story, Merama focuses on significantly fewer brands, scale and expansion. The goal is to focus on major e-commerce categories rather than integrating hundreds of brands. Is to have one category leader for each. “

    The funding also helped the company launch Merama Labs, advertising it as “the first Latin American incubator of its kind for direct-to-consumer brands.” Internal incubators create new D2C brands in categories such as fashion, cosmetics, supplements and beverages. This is a new growth channel to nurture and launch multiple categories of digital D2C brands within the company.

    “We will create a brand with influencers,” Tyle added.

    E-commerce aggregator Merama gets its horn after just 12 months in business – TechCrunch Source link E-commerce aggregator Merama gets its horn after just 12 months in business – TechCrunch

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