“Dust is where he belongs”: Jinx producer says real estate heirs wanted to be stopped | Robert Durst


Documentary producer that the work helped Convicted of murder Robert Durst One of his best friends 20 years ago suspects that a 78-year-old descendant of New York real estate might have feared he was a serial killer and wanted to be stopped.

“Durst is where he belongs, and probably deep inside where he wants to be,” said Mark Smarling. production The Jinx: The Life and Death of Robert Durst, a movie for the Guardian directed by Andrew Jarecki.

“He had a tremendous urge to confess.”

Dust’s participation in the documentary played an important role in resuming the case in which he was finally convicted on Friday. 1982.

Berman, the daughter of a Las Vegas gangster, was shot dead at her home in Los Angeles in December 2000 at close range to the back of her head.

Authorities believe that Durst also killed his wife, but her body has not been found and he has never been charged with her death.

Dust was also accused of killing his neighbor Morris Black in Galveston, Texas, the year after Berman’s death, while hiding from authorities. He insists on self-defense, Acquitted But it was Convicted Falsification of Evidence-To chop Black’s body and throw parts into the sea.

Famously Towards the end of the jinx, The documentary Sound Recorder captured the dust from the camera in the bathroom and tweeted. arrested! What the hell did I do? Of course, I killed them all. A complete audio recording transcript revealed that the citations were edited in a new order, the New York Times. report..

Dust claimed that he was “high in stimulants” during filming, and said that working with the filmmaker was “a very, very, very big mistake.”

He was in prison after being exposed to Covid-19 and was not in court in Los Angeles on Friday, when a verdict was given after a seven-hour jury deliberation. With a ruling on October 18, he will face life imprisonment without parole.

“Bob Dust has been around for years and he was able to commit many horrific crimes,” said Deputy District Attorney John Lewin. “Given what he did, he got far more life than he was entitled to.”

The jury said the jury believed that the prosecutor had proved that Dust had killed Kathy Dust and had killed Berman and Black to escape justice.

Smarling said: “Durst contacted us, sat down for those interviews, provided a box of records, and ignored the lawyer’s advice. He opened his world to us.”

In doing so, Durst opened himself to the arrest, he added. I came to New Orleans in 2015, The eve of the last documentary episode.

“Bob Dust clearly knows he’s not in control,” Smarling said. “And he’s somewhere between a serial killer and a passionate murderer. To be honest, he’s probably a little relieved to be under the control of the prison system.”

Dust’s decision to testify in his own defense backfired.in the meantime Cross-examination, He denied killing his wife and Berman. He also said he would lie if he had. Denying that he was in Los Angeles at the time of Berman’s death, he testified at trial that she had found her dead on the bedroom floor.

“Incredibly, he decided to confront his defense [an attorney] Perhaps he knew the facts of the case better than he did, “Smarling said. “It was an amazing cross-examination.”

The filmmaker also linked Durst to an anonymous note sent to police and found evidence for Berman’s body. Dust told them, “Only the murderer could write notes.” They then confronted him with the same handwritten letter he sent to Berman a year ago and the same misspelling of “Beverly” in Beverly Hills.

As a witness, Durst confirmed that he had sent a note to the police.

“It’s very difficult to write a letter and believe that I didn’t kill Susan Berman,” he admitted.

Dust’s lawyer, David Chesnov, said he was disappointed with the conviction because he believed there was “substantial reasonable suspicion.” He said his client, who has an estimated $ 100 million in property, would pursue the proceedings. The conviction could also provide new impetus for a tort civil lawsuit filed by Kathy Durst’s family.

Mr. Smarling said the jinx case and its investigation provide prominent instructions on how US justice works.

“Looking again, it’s important how the rich avoid murder,” he said.

“They can afford to hire the most expensive and relevant legal and private investigative personnel associated with law enforcement agencies. They see everything the prosecutor sees.”

“Dust is where he belongs”: Jinx producer says real estate heirs wanted to be stopped | Robert Durst

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