Dune is coming out on HBO Max: Release date, price and when’s part 2?


Dune Everything is set to be the biggest movie of the year. NS review that is (In many cases) Shining, director Dennis Villeneuve Begging us To see the sci-fi scene in the theater, and HBO Max lets us see Released at home. No matter how you look at it, the main points are: look that.

Scroll down everything you need to know about how to do that.

Dune 2021 starring Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson.

Kiavela James / Warner Bros. Pictures

Will Dune appear on HBO Max?

It is certainly so.

In late July, HBO Max tweeted that it had confirmed that Dune would be released on Streamer the day it landed in the theater.

When will the dune come out?

After many nicks and changes, the current (and seemingly solid) release date is October 22, 2021 In both the theater and HBO Max.

Dune has already published mostly positive reviews at film festivals in Venice and New York, earning more than $ 100 million in box office revenue in Europe and Asia. It will open in the US and UK on October 22nd, but Australia will have to wait until December 2nd.


See Paul.

Warner Brothers

How Much Does HBO Max Cost?

HBO Max cost $ 15 / month No ads (you need an ad-free streaming plan to watch Dune on the release date). No, you don’t have to pay extra to watch the movie in addition to your subscription.

You have heard of Paul Atreides. Who is he exactly?

Timothée Chalamet starred as Paul Atreides, a young antihero who is the main character of Dune.

This is part of his story behind the scenes.

A “talented and talented young man,” Paul grew up in an aristocratic family on the planet Karadan. One day, his father, Duke Let Atreides (Oscar Isaac), accepts a gig overseeing the desert planet Arakis, also known as Dune. It is “the most dangerous planet in the universe”. (Reference: Planetary Residents Giant cannibal sandworm.. )

This is a time when Paul’s life will change dramatically.

When the big Atreides clan stands up and moves into a new home, Paul learns what he must do to “secure his big destiny” and “the future of his family and people.”

It all has to do with the “precious resources” of the Earth only. The war is furious over getting it.

What is a spice?

The planet Arakis is home to the most valuable substances in the universe. It is called spice, or melange.

What does spice do? It is a powerful drug that can extend human life and give people superhuman mind control. You can also “fold the space” to allow intergalactic travelers to move faster than the speed of light.


See Chani.

Warner Bros.

Who does Zendaya play?

Let’s touch other characters.

  • Zendaya basically plays Paul’s love interest, a mysterious woman with bright blue eyes named Chani. She lives on the planet Arakis, which is part of the native Flehmen tribe.
  • Oscar Isaac plays Paul’s father, Ducreto Atreides. Rebecca Ferguson plays her mother, Mrs. Jessica.
  • Two warriors, Gurney Halleck and Duncan Idaho, who train Paul in combat, are played by Josh Brolin and Jason Momoa.
  • Javier Bardem plays Stillger, the leader of Flehmen.
  • Stellan Skarsgard plays Baron Vladimir, the leader of the Harkonen family in Arakis. They are in conflict with the Atreides family.
  • Charlotte Rampling plays the mother of a female minister of order called Bene Geserit. They can read and control their minds.

All Dune 2021 Trailers

Dune’s first full trailer debuted last September.

Another “main” trailer arrived at the end of July this year.

Let’s talk about David Lynch’s adaptation in 1984

David Lynch oversaw the adaptation of Dune, released in 1984. It starred Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atrades.

It may have eventually gained cult status, but at the time of its release it was box office and critical flop.

The Villeneuve dunes are not a remake of Lynch’s revised edition, but promise to portray a closer relationship with the book.

“I was impressed when I saw Lynch’s adaptation.” Bill Neuve said in 2017, “But that wasn’t what I dreamed of, so I’m trying to adapt my dream. I go back to the book and go to the image that came out when I read it.”

Dune: Part 2

Technically, the movie we’ll see later this year is Dune: Part 1.

Warner Bros. First 10 minutes of IMAX special event screening The title logo is written as “Dune: Part 1”. This is great news for anyone looking forward to the sequel. CNET reviewer Richard Trenholm lamented That part 1 leaves a lot of things hanging at the end and really puts pressure on Warner Bros. to fund the sequel.

Villeneuve planned two parts to cover Frank Herbert’s “complex” story.

“I don’t agree to adapt this book in one movie.” Bill Neuve said During April. “The world is too complicated. It’s a world that focuses on the details.”

Please note that there is no official green light in the sequel. Bill Neuve also expressed concern The deal with HBO Max could cause poor box office revenue to cancel plans for the sequel.

However, in a recent interview, Birneuve said he was very “optimistic” about the sequel.

“The first was to prove that there was a beautiful and popular movie. I think everyone at Warner Bros. and Legendary proved to be 100% behind the project,” Bill Nouveau said. I told Total Film..

“They love movies, so they feel that box office revenues are really bad. Part 2. They’re proud of movies and want to move them forward. Still, they do. I did. It’s half. So I’m very optimistic. “

Angela Lang / CNET

HBO Max is home to Warner Bros. Streaming Content. It includes all the content on HBO’s cable channels, as well as Warner’s vast library of television shows and movies.

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