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    Dramatic fall in hospital admissions for child infections during first year of COVID-19 pandemic

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    During the first year or so of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitalizations for common and severe pediatric infections in the UK have dramatically decreased. This is probably due to social distance measurements, school and workplace closures, and travel restrictions.Along BMJ today.

    Many of these measures are unsustainable outside the pandemic, but researchers have found that interventions that can be continued to minimize the burden on the health care system and protect vulnerable children, especially during the winter months. Seeking further evaluation of.

    Around the world, the indirect effects of COVID-19 on children’s health appear to be significant. For example, childhood immunization programs have been interrupted, delaying visits to the emergency department, and the impact of such delays on patient outcomes is unknown.

    To address this, researchers at Oxford University evaluated Hospitalization rate 19 common pediatric respiratory infections, severe invasive infections, and Vaccine-preventable diseases Before and after the outbreak of a pandemic in England.

    Their analysis included data on all children aged 0-14 years admitted to the NHS Hospital in the United Kingdom. infection From March 1, 2017 to June 30, 2021.

    Common respiratory infections included tonsillitis, influenza, and bronchiolitis, and severe invasive infections included septicemia, meningitis, and osteomyelitis (bone infections). Vaccine-preventable illnesses included measles, mumps, and some bacterial causes of serious illness.

    Potentially influential factors were considered, including gender, age, ethnicity, geographic area, deprivation, and pre-existing conditions (comorbidity).

    Since March 1, 2020, all but one of the 19 infectious conditions surveyed have seen a significant and sustained reduction in hospitalization.

    Influenza has the highest reduction rate among common respiratory infections, and the number of hospitalizations is 5,379 from March 1, 2020 to 12 months (from March 1, 2017 to February 29, 2020). It decreased by 94% from the annual average of 304 people. In the case of bronchitis, enrollment decreased by more than 80% from 51,655 (annual average 2017-20) to 9,423 in 2020-21.

    Among the severely invasive infections, the reduction rates ranged from 26% for osteomyelitis to 50% for meningitis. Vaccine-preventable infectious disease reductions ranged from 53% of mumps to 90% of measles, and hospitalizations in 2020-21 decreased from 149 (annual average 2017-20) to 15.

    Reductions are similar in all geographic areas, with deprivation and Ethnic group, And among children with pre-existing conditions who are at greatest risk of serious illness or death from infection.

    Absolute deaths within 60 days of admission for sepsis, meningitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, viral wheezing, and upper respiratory tract infections also decreased, but researchers were admitted with pneumonia that died within 60 days. He states that the proportion of children has increased.

    The only infection that did not show a decrease in hospitalization was pyelonephritis (kidney infection). Researchers say this may be because non-drug interventions and social restrictions do not affect this condition.

    Recent data also show that some respiratory infections have increased to higher than normal levels since May 2021.

    Since these are observations, the cause cannot be identified and patients who did not participate are excluded. hospital Or it was not recognized.Nonetheless, the study included everything related hospitalization It suggests strong results for various infectious diseases across the English child population over the years.

    As such, researchers also found a series of behavioral changes (adoption of non-drug interventions) and social strategies (school closures, blockades, and travel restrictions) used to reduce SARS-CoV-2 infections. , General and severe pediatric infections in the United Kingdom.

    And many of these measures are generally unsustainable outside the pandemic due to their inherent economic and social implications, but especially during the winter, ” Medical system Protect Vulnerable children.. ”

    Updated results will be published monthly here..

    These findings probably reflect the actual reduction in non-COVID infections, but are likely to be temporary, said US researchers in the linked editorial.

    As the population strengthens protection from COVID-19 through measures such as natural infections and vaccinations, and blockades, mask mandates, and ease of social distance, “the incidence of viral infections may increase predominantly. “. Those people write.

    Understanding which mitigation strategy was most effective is the key to a safe resumption, and as many measures have been mitigated globally, “which intervention has the greatest benefit to widespread infections.” We are looking for research that “determines what to bring.”

    Significant absence of influenza and other “ordinary suspects” during the COVID-19 pandemic

    For more information:
    Indirect Impact of covid-19 pandemic on pediatric infectious diseases in the United Kingdom: Population-based observational study, BMJ (2022). DOI: 10.1136 / bmj-2021-067519

    Quote: The dramatic reduction in hospitalizations due to infections in children in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic (January 12, 2022) is https: // Infectious disease acquired from child-on January 12, 2022.html

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    Dramatic fall in hospital admissions for child infections during first year of COVID-19 pandemic Source link Dramatic fall in hospital admissions for child infections during first year of COVID-19 pandemic

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