Doximity is a purchase here


Penn National Gaming: “That stock has been crushed. It’s down over 40%. I have to tell you, we’re in the middle of the gambling season. Pennut and DraftKings, they could go down later. Yes, but now I think it’s a mistake to sell them. Oops, they’re bad, but it’s a mistake to sell them here. “

GlaxoSmithKline: “GSK is trying to get a 5% yield and get value. I think it’s working. It’s not good. It’s not bad. I think it’s okay to own it. Income is important. . ”

Asana: “In fact, I think people are saying,” I think it’s too expensive compared to Salesforce, but Salesforce was fine. Let’s own Salesforce, not Salesforce. ” That’s how this market works. ”

Doximity: “I like Doximity …. Doctors love it. They communicate with it and it doesn’t stop going down. But again, this pattern I’m talking about the whole show Fits to. We are trying to find a scaffold. For these [kinds of stocks].. They are very expensive stocks. It’s closer to the bottom than it was a week ago. I think Doximity was purchased here. ”

TG Therapeutics: “[CEO] Mike Weiss didn’t turn on because I had about $ 4 in stock. … biotechnology has barely found a bottom here, but TG Therapeutics isn’t really anything wrong. They actually did OK. However, they received some price target cuts. They made some mistakes. Put the mic on … and find out what’s going on. ”

Plug power supply: “It’s part of us [CNBC Next Generation 50 index].. Plug power requires a better rate environment. You really need to lower interest rates for it to go up, and we don’t have it right now. But I’m not telling you to sell plug power for $ 30. I think you can sell it for $ 40 for a deal. ”

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Doximity is a purchase here

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