“Doomsday Glacier” can reach its fate within 3 years


Time melts AntarcticaIt is the largest glacier in the world, and its rapid deterioration can end with the complete collapse of ice shelves in just a few years, researchers said on Monday (December 13) in the American Geophysical Union. AGU) warned at a virtual press conference at the annual meeting.

The Sweat Glacier in western Antarctica EarthIt spans approximately 80 miles (120 km) and extends to a depth of approximately 2,600 to 3,900 feet (800 to 1,200 m) along its grounding line. Glaciers migrate from the land-based ice sheets of the Amundsen Sea to floating ice shelves. Ocean. Swaite is sometimes referred to as the “end glacier” because its collapse can cause a cascade of glacial collapses in Antarctica. According to the latest research on frozen continents, the end of diminishing glaciers may come earlier than expected.

“Doomsday Glacier” can reach its fate within 3 years

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