Don’t be shocked by the people of TikTok dancing about sadness and death. Join them | Rohit Thawani


MOutside of Agape, we all witnessed its infamous (and now removed). Ticktaku A video of a young woman doing a selfie dance routine in the neonatal intensive care unit next to a hospital bed in a very sick baby. “‘Lil Lee’ was taken because of hypoxia. He tested positive for RSV. Waiting for him to breathe better on his own,” she read the caption. I danced to Nessa Barrett’s “If You Love Me” while imitating the movement of the cradle.

For many internet commentators, this video was proof that society had collapsed. “This is like a Black Mirror warning,” wrote one Reddit person. Another asked, “Is this true or is it just a” social experiment “? I asked. (It’s real.)

This is not the first time such a video has spread by word of mouth. In the early days of TikTok, when known as, a teenager video Justin Bieber with his grandfather lying on the floor of death in the background, his grandmother crying, dancing heart gestures and lip-synching.

How would you describe people doing TikTok dance in the midst of moments of sadness, pain, and mourning? Generation Z may think that they have not been taught how to properly deal with trauma. But that doesn’t seem to be correct. In particular, because it is a generation that dismantled the taboo that discusses mental health, some people even do self-diagnosis and posting on social media careers. Thanks to Gen Z, people are finally happy to share their problems publicly with their peers.

Still, there is something to be noted to the extent that we are beginning to stage such public expressions of sadness. video Of a female barking on her dead snake.

Despite the myriad poisonous reactions that knocked her by arranging a camera to capture and share her mourning, I was actually surprised that the video was very moving. I noticed. A crying snake scalpel stirred something in me. You can’t see someone collapsing without tears, holding a dead animal in your arm. I had to say goodbye to my beloved pet before, and seeing someone experience a related broken heart quickly undoes my old wounds.

Still, we are not accustomed to the public exhibition of sadness. I’m not so used to it when it’s done to enjoy music on social media. Except for the North Korean compulsory memorial, we cried in black and were conditioned to meet the minimum requirements for depression in the weeks following the death of a loved one.

So when you watch a video of two sisters handling the death of their mother Rick and Morty’s songs and dances In front of her open casket, or a clip of a woman Twerking On the casket of the beloved deceased, some of us react to confusion and even anger. Dare they express that type of emotion during this dark life event!What we are failing to do is to acknowledge our western Morrows predisposition and allow many cultures to dance around death like a loved one. Dancing Pallbearers From Ghana.

There is no right way to mourn. And why should sadness be private? Teenager Reese Hardy is anointing the flag bearers of the struggle of everyday Crying and dancing Mariah Carey’s crazy home hair dye failure after the dissolution boasts 3.8 million views, a formula that makes life-changing difficult times and even trivial things difficult. Acts as a meme. TikTok’s very valuable emotional disclosure could be a gift that we didn’t really know we needed.

If TikTok is the vision glass for the future of our dystopia, it is clear that we can overcome the tragedy and dance. Optimism and openness during sorrow are exactly the virtues we need to survive in this world. We now have permission to showcase our most vivid emotions. Just because it’s mounted on a tripod doesn’t mean it’s real and not real. So to all moms and teens in hospitals and funeral halls: Continue to dance.

Don’t be shocked by the people of TikTok dancing about sadness and death. Join them | Rohit Thawani

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