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MeIt was like the old days.On Wednesday alone, Donald Trump issued a statement on potential war with China, debt caps, false allegations of stolen elections, and what Congress should do about his Fox News allies. bottom “Great Sean Hannity”.

But how many people have noticed?

The former US president, who was thrown into the wilderness of social media, recently issued a statement by email, clogging the inbox of reporters who are drawing attention elsewhere. Age When a single tweet from Trump can stimulate cable news, it has long been gone to rattle financial markets and disturb foreign capital.

Online engagement after his presidency is free fall, Axios website reported This week, we’re quoting data from SocialFlow, an optimization platform that measures clicks from posts referenced from the publisher’s network.

According to the survey results, the number of clicks on content related to Trump decreased by 37% in August and September compared to June and July. This represents a 50% decrease since March.The decline has been unforgiving since the blockbuster event of Impeachment trial of Trump During February.

In short, as Joe Biden, who once brutally colonized social media feeds, calls him, the “former man” is rapidly declining and is the victim of the rapid news cycle he once dominated.

Monica McDermott, A professor of political science at Fordham University in New York said: First of all, he was better off on Twitter because he had a punch. He was at that moment. People followed him and received constant updates. Other platforms make it very difficult for him to navigate by his style and personality. “

“In addition, he has lost his position as president of the United States, and he does not yet have a concrete election in which he is actually running. What is happening in the current administration and country Or, attention was drawn by Delta variants and all sorts of other things. He is still very relevant to very loyal followers, but he has become somewhat unrelated to the general public. I am. “

Trump had over 88 million followers twitter He then used it as his social media megaphone, stalking the department, insulting his enemies, and committing crimes against spelling.

Twitter suspended Donald Trump’s account two days after the January 6 riots at the Capitol. Photo: Joshua Roberts / Reuters

However, Twitter joined several other social media platforms to ban him after a crowd of his supporters attacked the US Capitol on January 6.twitter Said His tweet violated a policy prohibiting “beautification of violence” and was “very likely” to encourage people to recreate what happened in the deadly riots.

From that moment on, Trump’s ability to dominate the online agenda has plummeted. After that, he launched his own “platform”. Glory blog It bit the dust a month later. He continues to email statements via his Save America Political Action Committee, but they are often long and rarely bother cable news writer Kiron.

Michael Dantonio, The political commentator and true author of Trump states: People generally don’t want to talk on the phone anymore, but if you’re economical to write or direct, they will respond to the text. “

Such a failed venture is a loss that only helps Trump and Twitter show how perfect each other was, and he seems to understand more and more.Early this month He filed a court petition I asked a federal judge in Florida to force Twitter to recover my account. This could attract his attention.

D’Antonio said: He seemed to be good at writing daily what I was essentially a tabloid headline related to his lifelong obsession with tabloids. [Rupert] With Murdoch [New York] director.

“He came across his perfect media on social media, especially Twitter. It connected him with an audience who wasn’t interested in reading a few or more sentences about something, and in fact people. They were prepared for disinformation transmitted through social media because they were just eager for a snappy retort.

This change means that there has been a significant disruption in the last nine months.Trump trapped in his estate in Florida or New Jersey with the withdrawal of Afghanistan Biden’s infrastructure bill and social spending plan. Senate Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell seems to pay little attention to him.

In addition, the former president is struggling to break through and make news, and when he does, it’s because of harmful revelations from the usual. One book Also Official survey About his attempt to overturn the 2020 elections. Citing NewsWhip data, Axios shows that August and September articles are 26% less than March and April. And the story has averaged 28% less engagement with social media.

Donald Trump can reach his base through such a rally in Perry, Georgia last month.
Donald Trump can reach his base through such a rally in Perry, Georgia last month. Photo: Robin Laine / Zuma Press Wire / Rex / Shutterstock

Still, Trump is widely recognized as an informal Republican leader, and there are few “big lie” about his stolen elections. It becomes the legitimacy of the party. He continues to be provided with platforms from conservative broadcasters such as Fox News, Newsmax and One America News Network. If he decides to run for president again in 2024, he will immediately become a Republican front runner.

John Zogby, The pollster and writer said: I see hundreds of signs of local and judicial racing, but I also see “honk with Trump”. The famous “Fuck Biden” shrine is mostly rural, but genuine.

“Trump is running for president. He has his network, which includes talk radio and cable. He will breathe more into Newsmax and One America News Network. His base wants him. He will find his way because he is out. “

From the beginning, Trump’s digital power was augmented by an analog soap box: a campaign rally that provided enthusiastic fans with the opportunity to be in his presence in a fellowship of complaints.Saturday night he could attract a lot of people For a rally in Iowa The first state to speak in party primaries.

Tara Setomeyer, Former Republican Communications Director at Capitol Hill said: But the undercurrent of his existence remains a threat to our politics.

“Despite the fact that he’s not so ubiquitous on social media platforms, he’s still there and still has a right-wing media ecosystem that continues to promote his likes, and that’s a problem.”

Trump is eligible to return to Facebook in 2023. 2 years outage We ran the course just in time for the White House bid. At that point, Twitter could also face overwhelming pressure to revive him, or accuse him of leaning against one candidate in the presidential election.

Setomeyer, Lincoln Project, Those who worked for Trump’s defeat last year said Twitter could have more incentives to bring him back. “Given the number of users left as a result of banning Trump, I don’t know how much they can justify keeping Trump off if he decides to do it again from a business perspective. . Engagement has dropped and inventory has dropped.

“Twitter is still looking for ways to make the platform profitable, so removing one of the most prolific and attractive accounts will reduce your bottom line. Unfortunately, they make the decision. Twitter may face another reality when it needs to. “

Donald Trump’s Silence: How Twitter Bans Make His Style Cramped | Donald Trump

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