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    Dolphin boat tour helps veterans battling mental struggles – Riverside, California

    Riverside, California 2021-09-25 21:42:29 –

    Corpus Christi, Texas-Mental health is a hot topic among the veterans community. Problems such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression can occur when members of the armed forces are in war or in their daily lives in the armed forces.

    TC Chadden is a Vietnam War veteran suffering from depression and PTSD.

    “When you have a close friend who has just been shot and he falls into your arms, you don’t know what to think about. It ruins your heart,” Chaden said.

    He said he still has nightmares frequently today, but that’s not all he’s struggling with. On Saturday he had the opportunity to go on a dolphin tour boat through the Dolphin Connection.

    “I was even thinking of doing what is called suicide, and they didn’t tell me about this until I thought yesterday, and I said that was what I wanted to do for a long time. Chaden said when asked about his time on a dolphin pleasure boat.

    Kelly Burnett owns a Dolphin Connection in Ingleside on the Bay and was talking to a local veteran about his experience. At that time, she decided to offer her business for veterans suffering from mental problems. Currently, she wants to take a veteran tour at least once a month.

    “What’s a better way to help people with PTSD or have problems and get them on the boat? You can literally have a whole new way of thinking and perspective,” says Burnett. ..

    PTSD is also a struggle for veteran JJ De la Cerda. He is an officer of the Nueces County Veterans Service and wants to help veterans suffering from mental problems.

    “If we are experiencing such a situation, we need to help each other, probably because someone else is experiencing that situation,” he said.

    According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs About 11 to 20% of Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom veterans have PTSD. That number reaches about 30% of the Vietnam War veterans who had it in their lifetime.

    However, PTSD is just one of the mental struggles that veterans may face. In addition to PTSD, Michael Belipanni suffers from a feeling of isolation, and service dog Bandit is helping him fight it. He said today’s dolphin tour helped connect with other veterans.

    “It’s a coordinated effort to get rid of people. They stick to isolation, and it’s terrible if you do it. It’s definitely not therapeutic, but this is … an explosion. It was a target. It was great! “Beripanni said.

    Rebekah Rivera also participated in the dolphin tour. She just moved to a coastal bend in July after joining the army. She said she suffered from anxiety as she adapted to leave the army, and she said it gave her a structured lifestyle.

    “It helped me as long as I was comfortable around, going out and meeting new people. This meant I felt like I was at home. I feel great since I left, “she said.

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