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    Does FedEx Deliver On Sunday? A Guide For Californians

    The short answer is yes. FedEx delivers parcels and packages on Sundays. After all, FedEx is among the top courier and parcel delivery companies in the world. It delivers to about 220 countries. This list of package destinations spans almost every corner of the globe—practically to every single street address across the entire continental United States (US).

    Despite this, however, a lot of people still wonder whether FedEx delivers parcels and packages on Sunday. If you’re expecting to receive a package or someone you know can only receive the package you’re sending on a Sunday, you can check this site for FedEx weekend delivery options. Moreover, here’s a concise guide for Californians:

    1. Usual Question

    In 2018 alone, data gathered by an online market research firm found that the number of packages that FedEx received and delivered was close to 6 million shipments. In 2019, FedEx got even busier as this figure rose by 200,000 shipments more than the previous year’s number of packages delivered each day. But some people are still a little bit unsure whether FedEx delivers packages on Sundays.

    If you still have any doubts, this article should make it undoubtedly clear that FedEx delivers and even offers reliable pickup and delivery service on Sundays from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. FedEx Express also delivers on Sundays, but the service involves an additional fee of USD$16 per parcel. On the other hand, FedEx Home Delivery doesn’t charge anything on top of the regular charges for Sunday deliveries.

    FedEx has been doing deliveries for online retail pioneer Amazon during weekends for quite some time now. They’ve even made some deliveries even onpeak shopping seasons. More recently, however, FedEx has announced that they would be doing seven-day deliveries to be done through their FedEx Ground service. The seven-day deliveries would be available in several cities throughout the mainland US, although it won’t be offered in certain cities.

    FedEx said that they’ve come up with the seven-week delivery program offering in response to the growing demand from customers operating their own online stores and shops. They’ve been receiving numerous requests and some even demands from the ecommerce sites and account users to deliver even during weekends and Sundays.

    They also explained that this is their response to the increasing number of requests from customers. They’re also making these adjustments to stay competitive in the cargo forwarding and shipping industry. Now that Amazon and other ecommerce giants are establishing their internal fulfillment and logistics divisions, traditional package delivery enterprises like FedEx have had to level up their own internal and in-house fulfillment centers, forwarding and distribution network, and delivery services.

    1. Sunday Delivery

    There are slight differences in the time schedules, charges, and fees imposed among the various services offered by FedEx.

    This weekend delivery trend has been brought about in large part by the ever-increasing competition among retail giants to offer premium shipping and delivery services to their users and customers. For example, the two retail giants Walmart and Amazon are now offering delivery the following day as well as express one-day shipping services at premium rates.

    In response to this continuously-increasing demand from both online storeowners and online shoppers for express delivery, FedEx came up with the idea of their weekend delivery service called FedEx Sunday. This includes delivery on Sundays in most of continental America, including many places in the state of California.

    FedEx has responded to the overwhelming demand from numerous online stores and loyal customers for it to offer premium express delivery that would mean delivering parcels and packages, even if the following day falls on a Sunday.

    Most online shoppers can often be excited and sometimes quite anxious about receiving what they bought online from their favorite ecommerce stores and online shops. They can be so excited to unbox the item they bought that they’re often unwilling to wait another day before receiving their packages. Online retailers are also hot on each other’s competition. Most of them continually look for solutions to meet the demand of their loyal customers that they start offering next-day or immediate delivery. Most of their buyers are basically asking them to make the delivery happen even if it has to fall on a Sunday.

    Deliveries done by FedEx Sunday can be as late as eight in the evening. It’s also now being done in all cities across the United States where FedEx offers its services. The standard hours for FedEx Saturday delivery would be from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The time when your package would be delivered is determined by the kind of service that you opt for your Saturday or Sunday delivery. For packages that have already been in transit for anywhere from one to three days, FedEx would deliver them on the earliest Saturday.

    FedEx also has a service offering called FedEx weekend delivery for selected international destinations. This allows the shipper to opt for Saturday delivery in the airway bill. For international shipments, the shipper has to choose the ‘Saturday Delivery’ among the many options on the customer interface. For FedEx Home Delivery, their standard delivery is often done on Saturdays.

    1. FedEx Sunday Extra Charges

    Here are some of the factors that affect the extra charges you may incur for weekend deliveries:

    • FedEx offers Same-Day City offers pickup on Saturdays or Sundays for an extra charge of USD$20. Weekend delivery would be charged an additional USD$40.
    • On Saturdays, shippers can make avail of FedEx Express for their packages. They charge an additional fee of USD$16 per parcel.
    • FedEx Home Delivery doesn’t charge anything on top of the regular charges for any deliveries on Saturdays.
    • Another service is called FedEx First Overnight, which would allow the package to be picked up on a Saturday and be delivered no later than 1:30 in the afternoon. This service will incur extra charges.
    • US FedEx Express will charge an additional fee of USD$16.
    • FedEx International offers service pickups on Saturdays but they’ll charge an additional USD$16. Delivery will incur an additional cost of USD$ per shipment.
    • For both pickup and delivery, FedEx Freight will charge you an additional USD$210 for every package. This rate applies to pickups as well as for deliveries.

    Weekend Knock Knock

    FedEx Sunday is the global courier and package delivery giant’s timely response to the overwhelming demand by thousands of its users and customers for it to offer an immediate solution for the need to deliver courier packages and parcels right away. If Californians are still wondering whether FedEx will deliver to their door on Sundays, then the answer is a resounding yes.


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