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    Doctolib is now used by 300,000 doctors and medical workers – TechCrunch

    French startup Doctolib We held a (virtual) press conference this morning, sharing some metrics, looking back at the company’s recent product launches, and providing tips on future investments. Doctolib started as a doctor booking platform and expanded to other services for doctors and healthcare professionals.

    With a software strategy as a service, healthcare professionals use Doctolib’s tools and pay a monthly subscription for use with their patients. Currently, 300,000 healthcare professionals pay Doctolib every month, and general practitioners, dentists, pharmacies, psychologists, etc. are working well. With a subscription price starting at € 129 per month, the startup’s monthly recurring revenue is in the tens of millions. Of the euro.

    2021 was a crucial year for the company as the platform reached a critical mass in France. For example, if you want to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in France, many people go to the Doctolib website to find the nearest vaccination center, pharmacy, or doctor with a free space.Vaccination site can be used Other platformsHowever, in reality most of them use Doctolib to process reservations.

    Doctolib currently operates in France, Germany and Italy. France is still the company’s main market. To date, 60 million people have used Doctolib, most of whom use the service to make reservations. In 2022, the company expects to work with an additional 100,000 healthcare professionals.

    Creating a product suite

    Doctolib has commercial relationships with many doctors, so you can release new products and build a range of services. In many ways, Doctolib follows Salesforce’s strategy. It has a very sticky main product that serves as a starting point for other products.

    A few years ago, the company Release Remote appointments using telemedicine add-ons. Doctors who choose to pay a little more can start a video Hangouts and use Doctolib’s payment system for remote appointments.

    Doctolib launched last year Doctolib Médecin.. This is a back office tool for administrative tasks. For example, you can centralize documents for each patient, check the patient’s medical history, take notes, and issue invoices.

    “We started working on it three years ago. We thought we would start from scratch compared to what is available,” said Arthur Thirion, managing director of France at Doctolib. “Currently, it is used by just over 2,000 doctors.”

    Of course, this is not the first product to help you manage your work as a doctor. However, it integrates well with other Doctolib ecosystems.

    Similarly, Doctolib wants to increase the network effectiveness of the platform with a new service called. Doctolib team.. This time around, the company doesn’t want to create new revenue streams and wants to make Doctolib an integral part.

    The Doctolib team is an instant messaging service that allows you to find and chat with specialists. You can also securely send documents about the patient.

    This is a useful feature for medical professionals who are already using Doctolib. Medical professionals who are not yet using Doctolib can create and start using a free Doctolib team account. In the future, we may subscribe to other Doctolib products.

    Image credit: Doctolib

    Operated by advanced scrutiny

    Doctolib is not the average startup because it deals with sensitive medical data.was there a lot Of the report About the company’s hosting stack and design decisions.

    And the company is well aware that it can’t behave like other startups.For example, startup Reached unicorn statusHowever, since then, we have stopped sharing funding details. You don’t want to talk much about money when you’re trying to improve everyone’s health.

    “For the past few years, we have stopped communicating about funding rounds,” said co-founder and CEO Stanislas Niox Chateau. “Quarterly and yearly, investors invest again or for the first time based on our long-term project.”

    Doctolib now wants to be a mission-driven company. This is a special status that you can get if you follow certain rules. And Stanislas Niox Chateau found several arguments to position his company as a company that improves society.

    For example, Doctolib’s business model is very clear, he said, relying solely on subscriptions from medical professionals. The company has not cashed patient data.

    According to him, the platform is also widely used and there is no digital divide. For example, many users do not live in major cities. And I think it’s a simple product that even the elderly can use.

    But that doesn’t mean the company is planning to rest. There are ambitious expansion plans for 2022. Doctolib grows the team from 2,300 employees to 3,000 employees. And from today, all employees will be shareholders of Doctolib. Everyone receives a share grant of at least € 20,000.

    In 2022, the company plans to invest € 300 million to improve its products and grow its platform in France, Germany and Italy. This mainly means new employees and new offices. There will be no new market launch in 2022, but it may happen later.

    Doctolib is now used by 300,000 doctors and medical workers – TechCrunch Source link Doctolib is now used by 300,000 doctors and medical workers – TechCrunch

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