Do you need travel insurance for Ukraine?


As a travel destination, Ukraine is rich in cultural heritage and modern attractions. It has a lot of special places to offer visitors from around the world. Ukraine is proud of her historical legacy including 7 UNESCO sites, wonderful nature, and tasty cuisine.

The list of attractions and spots really impresses: Carpathian Mountains with splendid landscapes, mysterious “coffee capital” of  Lviv, cheerful Odesa on the Black Sea, luxury Mezhyhirya residence with a political past, or solemn Chernobyl, the incredible  site of one of the world’s horrific nuclear catastrophes. And, of course, the ancient city of Kyiv, the main gateway of the country. Ukraine is a bright, welcoming, and very innovative state with developed IT and other industries that makes her also a popular scene for business tourism & international gatherings.

COVID-19 and Ukraine

Nowadays, given global pandemic Ukraine commands travel insurance that covers COVID-19  treatment along with full medical assistance for other health complications which could occur during the trip.

Besides, all non-exempt foreign nationals must have documents proving their COVID-19 status:

  • a certificate confirming receipt of at least one dose of COVID-19 WHO-approved vaccines. Ukraine accepts the following list: AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria, Covishield and SKBio), Sinopharm and CoronaVac, Janssen, Moderna, Phizer, or one of:
  • a negative RAT (antigen test) – taken not earlier than 72 hours before entry, or;
  • a negative PCR test – taken not earlier than 72 hours before entry.

Children under 12 may enter Ukraine without the proof of vaccination/a negative test.

Tourists from certain states have to isolate and/or test upon their arrival. For more information on the requirements for your country, check out There you will learn more on how medical policy can help you during the pandemic and buy your travel insurance for  Ukraine.

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More about travel insurance

Whether you’re planning your journey to Ukraine with a cultural purpose or just want to satisfy your gourmet aspirations with local borscht, take into consideration your health protection. Before you depart, make sure you have valid travel insurance.

Why is it obligatory and very important?  Well, in most cases, you will have an easy and pleasant trip. You don’t expect serious problems in a foreign country because a journey is always associated with something very pleasant. But if you do, thanks to this document you will have the guaranteed medical support before returning home. So the answer is simple: travel insurance helps compensate spending and coordinate all medical issues overseas. It’s a protection of your wellbeing and your finances because it covers examination and treatment abroad, especially in the times of Coronavirus-19. Keep in mind also a reliability issue: buy medical insurance only from the company that has a representative office in Ukraine.

Since there are many questions and requests from the US citizens as for visiting Ukraine from USA, it’s noteworthy to remind once again that for American residents the travel insurance is mandatory and it should cover all expenses related to COVID-19 and its possible treatment.

Legal issues & safety 

For some countries Ukraine is visa-free, while citizens of other states do need a visa if they want to travel to Ukraine. A person can apply for one via Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs or local embassies respectively.

Is it safe to travel to Ukraine? The state is safe for foreign guests, with friendly people and police units 24/7. It’s better to have your passport and visa with you during your trips in Ukraine because you may be asked by police or officials to prove your status. However, if you are going to visit certain territories, you probably must have extra papers. Send a request to get more useful information about crossing the border, insurance policy, rules of entry to Ukraine, there you can also buy health insurance for visiting Ukraine.

If a foreign individual wants to visit Crimea (the part of Ukraine which was annexed by Russia) he/she may need some additional documentation. Keep in mind that there are higher threats in this very part of the country. The same applies to the Eastern part of Ukraine and her occupied territories with military activities. With a private visit or on business, a person may need special extra permissions to enter this area.

Local public transport is very safe, sometimes surprisingly old-fashion like night trains with lower and upper sleeping couches. Different digital applications are very popular and well-developed here so you may buy both paper and electronic tickets for local and interregional trips. Nowadays officials try to provide more Latin analogues to Cyrillic signs making street and public places navigation easier.

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Enjoy without surprises

So once again: is Ukraine safe? Yes, and you will be thrilled after exploring this country and meeting her very friendly and generous people. You will like magnificent national embroidery and wooden crafts as well as find very testy traditional “varenyky” (dumplings with cherry, cottage cheese or potato with mushrooms)  and “golybtsi” (cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and meat.) Each big city here has its opera or theater, art museum or modern innovative gallery. Forests, hills, fields, and rivers – it’s all for you pleasure and sport activities the whole year round.

However, before and during your stay here take care about such issues as flight delights and luggage misplacement, consider your health risks and be cautious of petty theft and other possible risks because life is life after all. Hope you will have a nice time and welcome to Ukraine today to enjoy your holidays here because she is really a hot travel destination to explore as soon as possible.


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