Do you need travel insurance for Ukraine?


 Even during a short trip, unforeseen situations can occur. Health issues can cause trouble. You should always think about all the issues in advance.

This applies to both residents of Ukraine and guests of the country.

Starting from August 18, 2021, there are special rules for staying in the country.

All foreign visitors to Ukraine over the age of 18 must have:

negative PCR test for COVID-19, performed within 72 hours before entering the country; OR a negative antigen test performed within 72 hours of entry; OR at least one dose of the WHO-approved vaccine (as of June 7: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen, Sinopharm, Sinovac) health insurance covering COVID-19 treatment in Ukraine.

If a tourist visits the country without vaccination, he must install the Vdoma application and adhere to the quarantine for 7 days. Pass the Covid test and if there is a negative result, the laboratory automatically adds the results to the application, and the quarantine is canceled. That is, then you can travel around the country freely.

Children under 12 do not need a COVID-19 test certificate.

Everyone wants to feel at ease in a country where there is a hobby for a short time. And many places in Ukraine are safe for tourists. Clean and ecological locations are most often found in mountains and forests, where the percentage of viruses is low. There is a greater likelihood of other health risks.

We recommend that you learn more about the risks of visiting both cities and locations in natural areas. All additional information on risks, time of the visit, and much more are collected for all tourists. Also on this website, you can both read and get answers and take out insurance.

Everyone can go to the site and get advice on travel. In which country are the conditions of stay and the rules of crossing the border. Also on this site, you can get insurance for your travels.

Travel to Ukraine is safe and quiet with insurance, isn’t it? And your personal attitude is a confirmation that you take care of your own health.

Nowadays, with the time of the pandemic and the terrible consequences, everyone must be responsible. Especially while traveling. You need to have a certificate with your insurance policy confirming your vaccination or test.

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Before traveling to Ukraine you need to choose insurance. We advise you to be very careful and responsible when choosing an insurance policy. It should specify the conditions if you are exposed to Covid-19. The site we wrote about above will help you with this.

The insurance indicates which types of services are included. Whether it’s medication, anesthesia, or hospitalization. All this is important for a safe visit to Ukraine.

Also, pay attention to the amount you pay and what amount will be reimbursed in the event of an insured event. This is a very important point.

The period of travel to Ukraine can be as planned as 5 days, and circumstances will force it to be longer or it will be necessary to return earlier. This is also an important factor in the registration of an insurance.

Types of insurance are different: for tourists/guests of Ukraine and insurance for visas. Clarify the purpose of your stay in the country and determine the policy for yourself.

If you have a comorbid illness or become ill right now, you are responsible for your own health and you run the risk that you may not be allowed to leave the country. Determine if you can fly to Ukraine.

By the way, many questions arise as to whether US citizens need a visa to visit Ukraine. Currently, citizens do not need a visa to visit Ukraine, but we advise you to clarify all questions on the official website WelcomeUkraine.Today before planning a trip to other countries.


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