Monday, October 18, 2021

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    Division of Biden Commission on Addition of Judges

    Pedestrians will pass the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC, USA on Sunday, June 20, 2021.

    Stephanie Reynolds | Bloomberg | Getty Images

    The bipartisan White House Commission agreed that Congress has the legal power to expand the Supreme Court — but the group was divided on whether lawmakers should actually do it.

    that is According to the draft “Discussion Material” released on Thursday The White House has ordered more than 30 experts to consider a series of possible reforms to the nine High Courts.

    The draft material was issued as a court, Face the lowest approval rate everThis term is set to make a decision in a very important case centered on ,. Political polarization issues such as abortion, guns and religion..

    More and more critics, especially those who are furious with the tactics the Republicans have used to appoint three recent judges, are calling for an increase in the size of the bench.Supporters are included Former presidential candidate and minister..

    Some commissioners have agreed “at least in part” to the discussion of promoting expansion, the draft material said. However, other members concluded that the addition of seats “is likely to undermine rather than strengthen the legitimacy of the Supreme Court and its role in the constitutional system.”

    “There is an important reason why we are skeptical that expansion will serve democratic values,” the Commission added. “We also raise some tentative concerns about how the expansion of the Supreme Court will be accepted by the wider national and international community.”

    President Joe Biden Established a committee by executive order in AprilGather a bipartisan panel of scholars, lawyers, advocates, and former judges to scrutinize arguments for and against the reform of the High Court.

    The committee is set to meet Public meeting Friday, from 10am Eastern Standard Time.

    This is developing news. Please check for updates.

    Division of Biden Commission on Addition of Judges

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