Discussion of why Moderna, Pfizer, and NIH owning the Covid vaccine


More than a year has passed since Breakthrough proposal The issue of patent abandonment of the mRNA Covid vaccine has been in the limelight. However, many observers do not believe that waiving the intellectual property (IP) rights of the Covid vaccine is an effective way to stop the pandemic.

Proponents of patent waivers, such as Harsha Thirumurthy, an associate professor of medical ethics and health policy at the University of Pennsylvania, argue that this issue is at the heart of why vaccines are hard to come by in low-income countries.

“It limits the production of that product or its vaccine,” Tilmercy said, adding that it maintains prices “artificially high enough to limit the capabilities of other countries in the world.”

However, critics argue that patent abandonment does not automatically lead to improved global vaccine distribution.

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, Originally raised a voice We oppose the waiver of patents and emphasize that there are non-patent issues that must be addressed first. Gates later reversed his position and now fully supports the temporary waiver of protection for the coronavirus vaccine patent.

Heath Naquin, Vice President of Government and Capital Engagement at the University City Science Center, a non-profit research organization in Philadelphia, said: ..

“Patent forgiveness itself does not really solve a major problem in many developing countries that has nothing to do with recipes. They relate to how they provide it to people.”

However, experts on both sides of the debate are seriously skeptical about whether the Covid-19 vaccine will be waived.

“I think we were most expecting it when there was a proposal proposed by the WTO last year and the Biden administration supported it,” Till Mercy said.

“But there were European countries that opposed these patent waivers.”

Watch the video to find out more about why vaccine patents exist and the ongoing debate about their impact on the Covid pandemic.

Discussion of why Moderna, Pfizer, and NIH owning the Covid vaccine

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